UR Night LiFE Customer Reviews

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Claire Brightwell
Before trialling the Night life tablets I was hoping I would find something that helped me stay asleep, and that didn’t make me feel groggy I suffer with fibromyalgia and although have no trouble getting to sleep I often wake up, struggle to get back off, and will wake feeling like I’ve not slept at all!!! I honestly believed these tablets wouldn’t be able to help me as I assumed they would be for getting off to sleep!! How wrong was I!!!! These tablets have helped me soooo much!!! They don’t knock me out!! Which is good because there’s nothing worse than feeling groggy and like a zombie the next day!! BUT they help me STAY asleep, and the sleep I do have must be good because every morning I wake up feeling refreshed, like I’ve actually had sleep, which for a fibro sufferer IS LIFE CHANGING!!! These little miracle pills are part of my non negotiables!!! And really have meant all the difference to my day!! Thank you
2 years ago
Teresa Perrott
Having had insomnia for years I have tried everything I can to try and help me sleep a better sleep. I started these tablets when they were first released, and I must admit I was a bit sceptical, lets face we all have probably tried over the counter things that are said to work. The first night I took two capsules not expecting much. I settled down in bed with my kindle, my soothing music playing. I didn’t even get to read a chapter! They didn’t make me drowsy just made me relaxed. I woke once whereas I normally wake three or four times. Instead of spending ages waiting to go back to sleep after a drink, I was soon drifting off again. Come the morning I woke up feeling so wide awake and refreshed, something I haven’t been able to do in ages. Now I take my 2 capsules every night I get a deeper more refreshing sleep, and instead of only being 3/4 hours of sleep a good 7/8 hours. The strange thing is even when waking up fo
2 years ago
Vikki Cunningham
I have been using Night since it was launched.... Usually I take 1 cap per night. I live with Fibromyalgia and anxiety, part of this means my sleep is either too much or none at all, and never good sleep. The prescribed medication used to leave me feeling drowsy and spaced out. Since using life Night (after seeking advice from my GP) , I am able to get to sleep easily, and sleep right through, this has reduced my restless legs, helped me get a good night sleep so I can concentrate at work, parent successfully and feel in control of things.
2 years ago
Carla Malcolm
I use nightlife every night I used to have to take alot of pills from the go to help me sleep and always woke up with bad headache sore eyes and I could never really get out of bed. With nightlife I can get out of bed the headaches are gone and I feel like I have got my life back on track. Able to get up with the children and grab my keto coffee no problem. I will always recommend nightlife to anyone. 😁
2 years ago
Nicky Jaggers
I have suffered for years with an over active brain at night, I’d be exhausted turn over to get to sleep and my mind would race over a million and one things, that I need to do.I have tried so many different sleep products and they either didn’t work or would let me sleep for an hour and then I would wake up again and struggle all over again to sleep.This was one of the first product I was keen to try when I joined, and I can’t be without it now.I take them about 30 minutes before I want to sleep, and find myself falling into a comfortable sleep easily, but the best part is if my son wakes me up in the night, I can help him without feeling groggy and then fall straight back to sleep again.I now sleep 7-8 hours where before I was getting about four hours sleep.Thank you so much for this amazing product!
2 years ago
Lucy Murray
Hello, my name is Jimmy and this is my Mum, I am the youngest of 7 and we have kept our mummy up for the last 10 years with night feeds and cuddles ❤Now it's time for mum to get a nice relaxed sleep knowing that if we wake, she can too. These little miracles allow mummy to drift off into a natural state of REM sleep, allowing her body to recharge for the next day, ready to play with us all again, without her feeling drowsy😀 a Happy Mum = a Happy House
2 years ago
Miranda Coleman
So I suffered with severe interrupted sleep for years now. Over the counter sleep aids never helped with disturbing dreams and always made me feel groggy!Night life is my favorite LIfe range product!! I now get dreamless sleep , all night and wake up feeling happy and refreshed!The Valerian Root extract is an amazing herb! It's benefits go far beyond good sleep! So that makes it's benefits even greater by the nerve calming effects it can produce through the next day. It's amazing!! And the other 5 herbs are similar to their benefits. It's a wonderful combo!! Awesome product. I thank you all!
2 years ago