UR Leave It Conditioning Styling Lotion Customer Reviews

5.0 rating out of 8 reviews

Erica Mazon
I love this Conditioning Lotion! It’s such a benefit to have it in spray form so you can really reach all of your hair plus it’s lightweight so no product weighing it down. My hair is still super shiny and soft days later.
4 months ago
Siobhan Smith
Used this on my kids on holiday. They were swimming every day and usually the chlorine and sun destroys their hair. My 2 daughters both have very long hair. After 2 weeks of sun and swim their hair is in amazing condition still. Highly recommended! I also use the shampoo & hair mask but after this experience my whole family will be using it.
9 months ago
Lucy Beswick
Really happy with this leave in conditioner. Usually they make my hair greasy, but this does not. My hair is much smoother and tangle free. It smells lovely too.
9 months ago
I use solid shampoo but dont get on with solid conditioner so this has become a life saver for me! I shampoo my hair towel dry and spritz with this and my fine coliur damaged hair is detangled and soft without being weighed down. Love it. Also helps me get a brush through my daughters thick waist length hair (yes i have serious hair envy)
10 months ago
Naomi Jade
Here is my gorgeous daughter Ruby's results using the leave it conditioning lotion! I love it 😀
a year ago
Kyrie Young
The saviour in my household, for me and my little one! This isn't just a regular spray, this has saved tantrums and tears in our house. The frizz control is amazing, the shine and the softness it leaves behind is something that feels like you've come from a salon! So simple, so effective and even the smell is luxurious! No compromises need to be made here when you've got all the goodness from one bottle!
a year ago
Lucy Hill
The perfect detangler. Having bleached hair makes it more porous and also knottier. A few sprays of this and I can get a brush through it with not tugging at all.
a year ago
Stacey Hancock
We have been using this as a family and is amazing for long hair even my hair dresser has commented on how amazing my hair is and how bright my high lights still look when I go to have them done again.
a year ago