4.9 rating out of 179 reviews

User profile - Ghost R.
Ghost R
Excellent work. Professionals with punctuality and quality. The teams work like clockwork in sync. No follow up on schedule required as all the trades go through the workflow without any delays. Post project service is prompt and efficient. Great team. - PJ
5 days ago
User profile - Allie N.
Allie N
Top tier - quality work. Our basement looks great and the whole process was stress free.
2 weeks ago
User profile - Phillip Wheaton.
Phillip Wheaton
Excellent service, great communication. These guys are very thorough and have an amazing process. We had many options to pick from and were well informed at every step. We’re very happy with our decision to go with Basement Builders.
3 weeks ago
User profile - Rudolph Petryna.
Rudolph Petryna
Kristina and the team at Basement Builders were great. From the design team all the way through to the tradesmen that came into my house. Everyone treated my home with respect and had to deal with my children asking a million questions. And they all did a great job. Thank you Basement Builders.
3 weeks ago
User profile - Samusideen Kazeem.
Samusideen Kazeem
Excellent job and they delivered to all the project scopes as agreed.One unique thing throughout the construction is perfect communication and update from basement builder.Keep up the good job and service delivery.Thanks to all the team and the great leadership of Murray.
a month ago
User profile - JOHN VASQUEZ.
After shopping around for weeks, I finally landed on Basement Builders. They stood out with their clear communication and professionalism. Trust me, I considered so many options, and these guys are the real deal. What sets them apart is how easy they made the entire process. My mind was buzzing with ideas, and Matthew, Don, Murray and Kristina not only listened but incorporated every single one into a design that surpassed my expectations. Changes and tweaks were a breeze because they understood that sometimes you change your mind. They even addressed a mistake I made on my original design and fixed it right away. They went above and beyond. My basement isn't just done; it's a cozy family space to enjoy. I even met Mathew’s dad, who occasionally helps them with little things. He is a nice guy, and we talked a lot during his visits! They genuinely care about making you happy, not just finishing a job. And when it comes to respect, these guys treated my house like it was their own. No mess, no fuss, just pure professionalism with a friendly vibe. I was always surprised to see that despite so many people coming in and out, the place was always quite clean after each day of work. Choosing Basement Builders was hands down the best decision. This is a family business that really cares about you and your home. But here's the kicker: they also have a financial solution if money is an issue (which usually is). Here’s a few pics of my basement. We are really happy with the results.
a month ago
User profile - Adel Elsharkawy.
Adel Elsharkawy
Quality of work is superb .staff very helpful and understanding , work done on time very pleased I choose them.only thing to mention that there may be extra charges for items not in the online selection and you are bound to what available in style show home ( if your home completed and you want it matching ) Murray
a month ago
User profile - Alan Taylor.
Alan Taylor
Great company to work with when you need an amazing basements. From start to finish their professionalism shine through. The quality of their work went beyond my expectations and was above basic code. Any time we had questions or concerns about what was happening they were answered or handled within 24 hrs. Even Basement Builders post construction care was great. We had a railing come loose and the problem was fixed in a timely fashion. If I had another basement to finish I would use Basement Builders again.
a month ago
User profile - Kenda Brunner.
Kenda Brunner
We recently had the absolute pleasure of working with Basement Builders to build our basement, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the results. From the initial consultation to the final finishing touches, the entire process was a seamless and incredibly positive experience.The construction crew was not only skilled but also respectful of our home. They kept the work area clean and organized, minimizing any disruptions to our daily lives. It was clear that they valued our space as much as we did. Working with the designer, Kristina Dalziel was a real help to us. She helped us design the basement that we had been dreaming of. The project was completed within the agreed-upon timeframe, showcasing the company's commitment to delivering on their promises. The transparency and honesty exhibited by Basement Builders throughout the project instilled confidence in us, and we felt secure in the knowledge that we were in capable hands. We wholeheartedly recommend Basement Builders for anyone looking to embark on a basement construction project.
a month ago
User profile - Jessica White.
Jessica White
Basement builders met my expectations in every way! I was very pleased with the whole experience and everything that goes into a basement build out. I would recommend them. What exceeded my expectations is our designer Kristina! She has unbelievable talent when it comes to design. Her ideas elevated our design in every detail. Her attention to detail took the stress off our shoulders and allowed us to focus on the excitement of it all. It felt as though she was more then a designer in this project and we can't thank her enough for taking good care of us throughout the 6 months. She holds our 5 stars!!!! She will be the one we call for our next project!
a month ago
User profile - Tony.
Very professional, organized and respectful service. Happy with the work that was done!
a month ago
User profile - Jared Marsh.
Jared Marsh
From start to finish the basement builders delivered! Great price, great work completed in great time.
a month ago
User profile - Kristen Howe.
Kristen Howe
Choosing to have our basement developed with Basement Builders was such a great choice! The entire process was seamless and we loved the fact that there was always a consistent contact we could speak to through throughout the project. As parents of two young children we also loved the fact that everything was coordinated by the team. We picked out our design selections and didn’t have to worry about anything else! The various contractors were all very tidy, always keeping the workspace and garbage clean. We are also so satisfied with how quickly the final project came together and just love the new space to our home. Thank you thank you!
a month ago
User profile - Jesse Lyall.
Jesse Lyall
Everyone was very friendly and helpful. The whole project went by smoothly and in a timely manner.
2 months ago
User profile - Nicole Kashuba.
Nicole Kashuba
This company was a dream to deal with. Everything is systematically and efficiently built. All of their trades are so professional, leaving you to feel safe in your home. Excellent finished product, an absolutely beautiful basement. Can't recommend them and their staff enough!!!
2 months ago
User profile - Ken Ell.
Ken Ell
We hired Basement Builders to finish our unfinished basement, including a bathroom. The payment schedule they have set up cannot be beat. To start, no money up front. Every contractor that came thru was polite, answered any of our questions, and always cleaned up before leaving. Every aspect of the work was inspected, and later, inspected again. BB takes care of all the permits, scheduling and all city inspectors.Any questions or issues are taken care of promptly. We had very little in the way of issues. All the work scheduled was done on time. From the tiles in the bathroom to the painted walls, all the work was excellent. I would 100% recommend Basement Builders for your next or first project.
2 months ago
User profile - Natasha Balmer.
Natasha Balmer
Well, what can I say, look at all these reviews, it seems they are perfect. I can say, they are pretty close. There were a few speedbumps, which is to be expected. They do great work, they thrive for customer satisfaction, and they want 'you' to be happy with the result. I am happy although I miss the deer mural (see pics), they advised me that was not my best choice to keep it (good design choice). They have pride in their work, and contractors were very professional, respectful and pleasant. They went the extra mile on a few things where they did not have to, fixed things they DID NOT break. I am going to be honest, are they more expensive then the small guy? For sure, but design, quality, accountability, and warranty without worry. It's worth the extra cost to know it is going to be done right and that it will be done to completion (IYKYK). They brought this old house from a drop down ceiling, a mess of electrical wires, old plumbing, 80's color red and the old deer mural, to the modern world, and it is pretty awesome. Before and after pics below, ( my photography failed a bit, but you get the picture ;))
2 months ago
User profile - Andre Steyn.
Andre Steyn
The new basement looks fantastic. Basement builders always kept us informed and up to date. No surprises or frustration on our side. All contractors we're friendly, respectful and the work was completed on schedule. There wasn't a single scratch of damage caused to the rest of property during construction. Highly recommended.
3 months ago
User profile - Greg G.
Greg G
We went for Basement Builders after comparing them up with another company that also had very good reviews. In the end we were very happy and relieved with our choice. My wife was very worried about our home becoming a construction site for months on end but we were surprised at how considerate the different workers were about respecting our space and keeping things tidy as much as they could on the job and after they were done for the day. Parts of our home have some unconventional angles but the guys were able to seamlessly integrate the design we wanted and really liven up a space that we ignored for so many years. What we were most impressed with was that even a late change to some of our plans on our side was able to be accommodated by our supervisor. The communication was very good and they kept us informed of our options and gave us realistic projections and sensible prices throughout. Would definitely recommend or use again if we moved in the future.
3 months ago
User profile - Blair Poon.
Blair Poon
I'd like to take this opportunity to share our exceptional experience with Basement Builders, the company we chose for our basement renovation. We researched many other companies, but from the outset, Basement Builders stood out as the clear choice. What impressed us most about Basement Builders was their unwavering professionalism and transparency. They were forthright about what needed to be done and left no stone unturned when addressing every aspect of our project, from the scope of work to the anticipated timeline. This level of honesty and clarity in their communication instilled confidence in us from day one. Throughout the entire project, communication with Basement Builders was a breeze. They kept us well-informed about each step and phase of the development, ensuring that we were always in the loop. This transparent approach to project management made the entire process feel smooth and stress-free. One of the standout qualities of Basement Builders is the remarkable team they have in place. From their talented designer to their dedicated project managers and skilled tradespeople, everyone involved in our project was an absolute pleasure to work with. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail were evident in every aspect of our basement development. We also want to express our appreciation for the project manager, Murray, who was great to work with. Murray's expertise and proactive approach were instrumental in ensuring that our project stayed on track and met our expectations. He demonstrated exceptional leadership and made the entire process a seamless experience for us. And speaking of outstanding team members, Basement Builders' designer, Kristina, deserves special mention. She was an absolute star and the reason we wish we could rate Basement Builders 6 stars. We might not have been the easiest clients, bombarding her with emails and questions, but Kristina's patience and dedication were unwavering. She cared deeply about our happiness and ensuring that we got precisely what we wanted. Kristina's exceptional work ethic, creativity, and genuine concern for our satisfaction elevated our experience with Basement Builders to a level beyond our expectations. She is a true asset to the company, and we cannot thank her enough for making our basement development project a resounding success. In conclusion, our experience with Basement Builders has been nothing short of outstanding, and we wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in need of professional basement development services.
4 months ago
User profile - Jimmy Bautista.
Jimmy Bautista
Wow! This company was 150% all about the customer !! From start to finish communication was very transparent. Did I also mention they went out of their way to take care of non Basment miscellaneous items to ensure we were satisfied .. ? This is top class business with all the principles and values in place ! Well done ! I will recommend for years to come . Thank you Basment builders for helping me and my family !
5 months ago
User profile - Dan Toole.
Dan Toole
Our project wasn't a difficult one or very large, but from design to completion we felt very well taken care of, great suggestions, no pressure to upgrade, and the project was completed early by professionals
5 months ago
User profile - Dani Wo.
Dani Wo
We lived with an undeveloped basement since 2009 and finally decided to the plunge! Having an older teen, we wanted to create a hang-out area for her/friends and a cozy family movie night space. Over the years we spent countless hours envisioning what we wanted our basement to look like but with zero reno experience we were nervous. We selected BB based on their reviews and Don who provided us with our floorplan and estimate sealed the deal. Our project started May 9th and ended Aug 18th, this included; a 12 foot media built-in, 7 foot bar, bathroom, open workout room. BB also replaced our poly b pipes and we hired them to replace our bedroom carpets to match our basement carpet. The contractors/trades that came into our home were fantastic. All clearly skilled and master's at what they do. We enjoyed seeing the step-by-step process of developing a basement, we learned a lot! We appreciated Designer Kristina's expertise in helping us select carpet, paint, tiles, cabinetry etc, we love how it all came together. And Murray was available when we needed to reach out. BB is not a cheap option, but you get what you pay for and now that it is done you see/feel the quality and we appreciated the 3 step payment process. Once we complete the furnishings and media set up there will be a lot of great movie nights in our future!
6 months ago
User profile - Jay Guardian.
Jay Guardian
I highly recommend Basement Builders for basement projects. The process from the get-go was clear, speedy, and professional. Their team were in and out of our house without bothering and respectful of our space. Fully satisfied with the quality and workmanship. The builder actioned quickly when there are changes or improvements needed.
6 months ago
User profile - Chris Graham.
Chris Graham
The idea of having your basement developed can be overwhelming and scary due to costs, planning and permitting. Basement Builders made all of that easy and did a fantastic job on our development. The experience with this business was smooth from start to finish. Murray and Kristina were extremely helpful and professional. The communication was great and the contractors who came in and out of our house were also a good representation of the company. Very happy with the workmanship and the attention to detail. I highly recommend this company and will be using them again when I am ready for my garage!!
6 months ago
User profile - Michael Ilagan.
Michael Ilagan
They did excellent job in our basement renovation. We are very satisfied happy for theirs work from start to finished.
7 months ago
User profile - Cyndi Cave.
Cyndi Cave
We had a very positive experience with Basement Builders. They were professional at all times, ensuring any changes were captured during the renovation and approved before proceeding. Correspondence was efficient and any questions we had were addressed with patience and in a timely manner. We would recommend them.
8 months ago
User profile - Ngozi.
Very professional. Neat work and timely delivery. I have wonderful experience with the service and will recommend them to anyone who needs quality basement work.
9 months ago
User profile - Rylee Perez.
Rylee Perez
This company and all the staff were easy to work with and very responsive to all questions and needs, they made the process simple for us!
9 months ago
User profile - Gillian Mayo.
Gillian Mayo
Highly recommend Basement Builders! Just completed renovating an unfinished basement and couldn't be happier with the results. The company made the experience as stress-free as possible. We knew exactly what was happening with our build and when. All the contractors that came into our home were professional and respectful. Great work!
10 months ago