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User profile - Matt Wilson.
Matt Wilson
Absolutely attention to detail, and they are going above and beyond to make what I need happen for my website and SEO. I have never had a company spend so much time with me personally, to accomplish what I what to achieve. They are straightshooters, not shady, and I am very very pleased so far. Matthew Wilson, Chattanooga TN
a month ago
User profile - Warren Jones.
Warren Jones
I used DVC for my website and SEO Marketing. They have done a great job!
a month ago
User profile - riad alkhaja.
riad alkhaja
Awesome people great service and very professional
8 months ago
User profile - MIND MUZIC.
Great work, very informative. Xavier was great, learned a lot quickly.
2 years ago
User profile - Karla Farach.
Karla Farach
Great experience! I recommended 100%
2 years ago
User profile - David Dayanoff.
David Dayanoff
This company was such a joy to work with, especially FLOR,.She is fantastic. She is the most pleasant and sincere person I have ever worked with. She is intelligent, articulate and caring. We would love the opportunity to work with her again.
2 years ago
User profile - Andrew McDonnell.
Andrew McDonnell
We came thinking we knew what we were doing from experience 2 years ago. The whole landscape has changed and Xavier is an expert at the current situation. He was very patient and walked us through every step. Excellent communication and a great outcome, highly recommended.
2 years ago
User profile - Emilia Irizarry.
Emilia Irizarry
It’s a pleasure to work with DVC , the agency is very professional and responsive. A shout out to Azu Zaldumbide for her patience, professionalism and kindness, I can always count on her good advice and wisdom for all social media posts and ads. Also the agency is going to be handling our google ads and Azu introduced us to Mariana and Sherman. I’m very pleased with the team and their creativity.
2 years ago
User profile - Andrew Hunter.
Andrew Hunter
Xavier and DVC are knowledgeable and professional social media marketing experts. They do whatever it takes to deliver good work.
2 years ago
User profile - Al Storms.
Al Storms
i have had a amazing experience with this company. they have gone above and beyond to help me reach out to more people. and xavier has been amazing and patient with getting everything set up. i have been very happy with all the services i have gotten
2 years ago
User profile - Corporate Practitioner.
Corporate Practitioner
Digital Visibility Concepts has been wonderful helping us develop our website. When we ran into issues, they were quick to meet with us and fix things in a timely fashion.
2 years ago
User profile - Mark Blucker.
Mark Blucker
It's is a pleasure working with Azu on my ad campaigns.
2 years ago
User profile - The Fitness Collectif.
The Fitness Collectif
DVC is awesome! Lyn Fandino has gone above and beyond to help me understand the ins and out of social media. I really appreciate her.
2 years ago
User profile - Rodger Farrington.
Rodger Farrington
Alex and the team at Digital Visibility Concepts are the best!! They have everything you'll need to grow your business through social media.
2 years ago
User profile - Shane Crandall.
Shane Crandall
So I've been really happy with my ads they've run. I did an AB test with another company to see the performance and the strategy these guys used was way more successful. Alex Scott is my rep and has been very attentive and responsive. Full transparency, I change some of the copy that they produce, but I'm also very particular and have a history in copywriting. They produce good short clips and gifs, etc that I'm unable to do, but the strategy has been a success which I'm most happy with. For what I'm paying I don't have the flexibility with them to change running ads on the fly, but you can pay more for that.
2 years ago
User profile - NeNe Bear.
NeNe Bear
DVC has been very helpful with my Facebook, I like how responsive Alex is. To be able to business you need someone who can help with Facebook and other media you need to come to DVC for help. So then you can concentrate on other things instead of Facebook.
2 years ago
User profile - Tunde Bankole.
Tunde Bankole
It has been an awesome experience working with DVC thus far
2 years ago
User profile - Devin Taylor.
Devin Taylor
I must say me being a new business owner I was very skeptical at reaching out to different marketing services. When I came across DVC I felt an instant connection. They put their people first in I really enjoy working with them, I see myself with this team for a very long time. Azu , is highly recommended, she is so attentive and professional. The entire team does their part well.
2 years ago
User profile - Michael Craney.
Michael Craney
Ms. Khalil was very professional and very efficient. She completed our project in a timely manner and also took the time to help show us how to continue on our own. I would definitely want to use her again for future projects.
2 years ago
User profile - pamela davis.
pamela davis
Digital Visibility concepts did a wonderful job on my website. They have great attention to detail They have great customer service . They were always .very professional
2 years ago