UR Lipo Sculpting Customer Reviews

5.0 rating out of 32 reviews

Katey McCabe
I have been using this product first time purchase, I’m on day 10 and I have lost about 1/2 inches round my tummy , loving it will be buying again .
3 weeks ago
Beth Innes
Love this cream after a week of use have lost 1/2 inch from my midsection and a whole inch from each leg. So excited to keep going. I didn’t take photos but I did measure.
3 weeks ago
Bought this hoping but not really expecting it to work, used it every day for 8 days, took measurements on 1st day and after the 8th day after using this and the hydro slim plus took measurements again and had lost 1 inch off my waist and 31/2 lb from scales so I was happy would recommend and buy more 🙂
a month ago
I could not believe it when my stomach started getting flatter! The Lipo Sculpting Fluid is like gold! Results in just 2 weeks!
3 months ago
Mariska van Wanrooij
Meest fantastische product wat ik maar ken! Ik sport veel maar die onderbuik het ging maar niet weg! Nu zag ik na 1 wrap al resultaat en voel ook echt dat mijn huid strakker wordt. Ik gebruik het inmiddels ook voor mijn benen, want die mogen ook wat strakker worden.
a year ago
Gabi Klingbeil
Bin sehr zufrieden..Anfangs war ich skeptisch heute verwende ich es täglich
a year ago
Agnieszka Wszolek
I love this set. Best one I have ever used. I was using in religiously for four months and results are incredible. At this time I didn’t have any diet or excersise routine. I have lost 18cm in the biggest part of my belly.
a year ago
I have RA and Lupus. With all this rain lately combined with the cold I have had issues with pain and swelling.Due to this fact during discussion with my dr about my treatment plan and plan of care, she mentioned putting me on prednisone and pain meds which I told her NO. She asked me why, looking stunned. I explained to her how I've been using Our Lipo Wraps for compression and that they help me tremendously. I spoke further with her about our wraps and how they help me with the pain and swelling associated with my condition(btw...great side effect is inch loss 😚😊)She was excited that I am taking this approach because there are so many people with my condition that are on steroids, pain meds, etc. The fact that my doctor is behind what I'm doing 100% makes it even better, and helps give me a more positive outlook on my condition and future. These wraps have done so much for me and I’m so happy I tried them 😊
a year ago