UR Lipo Sculpting Customer Reviews

5.0 rating out of 46 reviews

Love this product really see a result with it.
4 days ago
Great product...have been using for just over a week on both my stomach and thighs and have already noticed a difference...feel great and will continue using. Not greasy and nice smell to it.
2 weeks ago
Lisa Hirani
Lipo sculpting fluid has really worked for me and in 1 week I lost 2 inches from my arms and 6 inches off my stomach. I am really please with the result and will continue. I can’t wait to order more
4 weeks ago
Beatrice potter
After a week of using it. I’ve noticed my stretch marks fade and my belly has shrunk abit. I’m just gutted that I never took a before photo so can compare
a month ago
Karima Chami
Nice product, no stick, no greasy, nice odor. Started using it 3 days ago, looking forward to see the results.
a month ago
Leanne Jay
I used Lipo Sculpting Fluid to massage into my legs which both have lymphoedema. Today my physiotherapist checked my legs, both have some small size loss, but she was very happy with how soft my legs & feet skin are now, my compression garments are able to do their job of removing excess fluid. In three months I should be able to go down a size which means I can wear socks & proper shoes again. Looking forward to Spring & being able to walk distances. I'm so glad I tried. Worked well on my turkey neck too.
a month ago
Kristianne shiner
The lippo suction is really good,i been using it for about 2 months and i have notice a big difference,i will be using all the time now.
a month ago
I’ve been using this product for a week now and my pregnancy stretch marks on my legs are reducing in colour (they are a horrible purple) will be ordering again to hopefully reduce the colour even more.
a month ago