S V.
I got LifeFone service for my elderly mother after my father died. It has been one of the best purchases...EVER! She has had LifeFone now for almost 7 years, and it has been just amazing for all of us. My siblings and I are now very comfortable for Mom to still live on her own in an independent way. The customer service has been super kind and friendly to Mom when she checks in every month, and the couple of times that she needed assistance, they were available IMMEDIATELY for her assistance. It has just been so wonderful. She opted for the necklace, and she sleeps comfortably in it. We are so grateful to LifeFone....THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
Royce P.
Mom feels much more secure when wearing her LifeFone. She’s accidentally pushed her button and the people answering are most gracious! EMTs came out one time when we failed to notify them it was an accidental button push. Great follow up!
Wesley D.
my sister has used this service for over one year.They have been very responsive to each time her alert goes off due to a fall. They have kept me informed when they could not reach her due low battery. Also have called me immediatly when her alarm has gone off. Would highly endorse this company.
Dwight C.
I got this for my Dad a couple years or so ago. I even get alerts if the power goes off or if something needs a new battery. One device needed a new battery, but they sent a replacement device quickly.
Larry W.
They always make sure our mother test her system. They are very responsive.
Pebbles L.
We got LifeFone service for my mom after the electricity went out one time and her wireless landline phone was knocked out. Even if the electricity goes out, LifeFone switches to battery power so a loved one can contact LifeFone and they can call the famiy. In case of a fall they can call 911 if something serious has occurred. For just over $30 a month, it is a service well worth it. Mom has the necklace emergency button to wear, and the desk top unit in her room. Everyone we have ever called at the company to ask questions or get help has been so nice. This company is great and will give you peace of mind when your elderly family has to be alone sometimes.
Jim S.
Outstanding service... gives us great confidence of rapid support should an emergency occur.
Donna R.
Excellent customer service!