UR LiFE Hydra-Slim Plus Customer Reviews

5.0 rating out of 33 reviews

When I tell you I sat in my floor and cried I cried for joy. I cried cuz my favorite pants are too big. I cried because for the first time something worked. This is liquid gold. It's our hero product. It's literally LIFE ❤️
4 months ago
Elaine Gledhill
Been on this for just over a week and I was 14.11.5 now I'm 14.3.5 so I definitely brill stuff and doesn't taste that bad too
6 months ago
Elina purfield
I love Hydraslim (body) its given me so much energy and I've lost 2 dress sizes I can finally get up early and work out.I feel great and its stopped my night cravings
8 months ago
I can’t get enough of this product!I can’t go a single day without having this in my water! Gives me the extra energy I need to get through the day, stops my booting MASSIVELY, stops me snacking throughout the day and it’s helped me so much with my weight loss!I would be LOST without it!
8 months ago
I get asked ALOT…” Julie why do ypu LOVE hydra slim plus so much?! 🤔Well folks, Let me tell you why this is my MUST HAVE Product! 😍First off, drink it EVERY SINGLE DAY! 💕It reduces water retention and bloating,It aids digestion, and has a RIDICULOUS amount of superfruits in it to help with weightloss, energy, general health, metabolism and so much more! 😲Once you start it... believe me…YOU WON’T EVER LOOK BACK! 💜#hydraslimplus#whyiloveitsomuch
8 months ago
Sue Turner
Never has this journey been so easy. Taking the Sip ‘n’ Slim bundle (Hydroslim & Keto caps) alongside Balance. Wow!! I’m here for all the 50 menopausal ladies, extinguishing the flames and loosing the meno belly.. it’s never too late ❤️ these products have given me my old self back!! the new foundenergy⚡️amazing! 👊🏻 I’m a very busy single mum loving life back in the fast line 🙌🏻
8 months ago
Bethany Eastham
Can't live without this product. I lost 2 stone from using the product alone over a 7 month period. I dropped 2 dress sizes. Im a snacker and it completely got rid of all my sugar cravings so no worrying at night time when watching the TV! I also suffer from bloating and this again really reduced that. If your struggling to shift the weight give yourself 2 months of this it will definitely help!
8 months ago
I really struggled with my self image and to lose weight after having a baby, with having PCOS aswell, I struggled even further. I found Hydraslim Plus and it changed everything. I slowly started to lose weight, I then paired it with the Keto caps and I was well on my way. I felt more confident and lost a stone within 8 weeks. I’ve tried so many weightloss products and this is certainly the best, if you’re struggling like I was then I would definitely recommend using this!
8 months ago