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John Brindley
The LED has proven to be quite beneficial for my wife and I. We have both lost inches of our waistlines. We highly recommend this product.
a day ago
Nicole Staib
I love the LED Wrap. I’ve been using it for a while and I’ve lost inches off my waist and it has helped tremendously with belly fat. Highly recommend.
2 days ago
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Jen, Delray Beach, FL
I ordered myself the Lipo Wrap and used it for a month and the results were remarkable. It made a tremendous difference around my waist and stomach. Reduction of cellulite was apparent. It was very relaxing and warming. I purchased a second one for my mother-in-law to use for herself as she suffers from swelling in her ankles and it is helping her as well.
3 days ago
Staci B
I use my wrap for two main reasons. One is for cellulite/skin improvement. My skin looks younger and tighter with regular use of the wrap. I use it at least three times a week. I love to work out and do so on a regular basis. I love to use red light therapy on my back. I also have old injuries on my ankle and shoulder. Regular red light use on these areas has helped with my exercise performance and I don't have the same level of pain I used to experience.
6 days ago
Shyla B
I love my wrap. I’ve had professional light treatments and this works just as well!!! I can def tell a difference when I use it on a regular basis. Helps my knee pain also.
a week ago
Carole M
I just received the Lipo Wrap this week, buying it from a previous owner. The customer service department is stellar. I have used it twice already and it is pleasant, a nice warm, comforting feeling, The time passes by quickly . I am anxious to start seeing results but feel this is the answer! So glad I bought it. Thank you!
2 weeks ago
Kristy Ensley
I love using red light and it’s even better when I can do it from the comfort of my home. I have used my lipo therapy wrap on my stomach, thighs, arms, literally anywhere I could think of. Definitely time well spent.
2 weeks ago
Absolutely love this product! I use it for pain management as well as weight loss. Has helped lose a couple of inches.Customer service is awesome. They promptly respond to any questions or requests. highly recommend this belt!
2 weeks ago