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Melissa Little
I purchased the NuShape Lipo Wrap a couple years ago and use it regularly on my upper and lower stomach before working out. I did lose over 6 pounds but the belt for sure toned and tightened the skin very well. Would recommend highly! Also customer service is great and will work with you if there are any issues with your purchase. I’m going to use it on my face next after reading it helps produce collagen and reduce wrinkles. 10 Stars!!
2 days ago
Bridget Walker
I purchased the NeuroPulse Pro for my 92 Year old mother recently and with just a few treatments I have noticed she has less anxiety. We plan to use this regularly and will update this review as we go along. Incidentally, we had a technical issue that was resolved immediately by the Customer Service Team. Thank you so much!
2 days ago
Heidi Maits
I am absolutely thrilled with this wrap. I've used it for several things, and it's helped immensely to improve my lower back pain as well as reduce my waistline. My skin has seen radical improvement as well in both facial areas as well as my thighs. I couldn't be happier with this product!
2 weeks ago
The nushape belt is easy to use and I have seen a difference in fat reduction and pain relief. Additionally, the battery makes treatment convenient.
2 weeks ago
REVIEUW Wij, mijn vrouw, schoonmoeder, schoonzus en zwager, zijn allemaal geholpen door de Therapywrap.2 van hun voelde direkt verschil aan hun knieën, mijn schoonmoeder stond op de wachtlijst voor nieuwe knieën , hebben dat nu geannuleerd omdat ze nu met veel minder pijn kan lopen.Mijn vrouw heeft ook veel minder pijn aan haar knieën. Mijn zwager en ikzelf zijn geholpen aan lage rugpijn. Alles gaat veel beter.Zijn blij met deze ontdekking, hopelijk vinden nog veel mensen hulp met the Therapywrap.Veel dank.Karina.
3 weeks ago
Denise Ernsting
Red light Therapy, Ones we ordered our Lipo wrap, we were very excited! After studying the sience behind we understood that the red light is a new way of working with our bodies and healing, energizing and even fat reducing and skin improvement are the areas we love to work with. When we received the parcel we were happily surprised! It all looks very beautiful & has a good quality! The firts challenge was my Ischias in my back trough my leg which gave me since years more-and sometimes less pain, though it was always there, despite what I tried …You name it, I did it! After one session with the Wrap ; gone!!! And never came back! We both have many more good improvements, we use it daily. Through treating clients & friends we have great results on pain management and even healing from arthritis in the joints! So we are very happy with the products of Nushape their prompt responses on issues and the great servi
3 weeks ago
I was introduced to the Nushape by ,my daughter who has all of them. She let me use hers while visiting her for my arthritis in my hands and neck . I bought the belt while I was still there . I am 73 and it helped me right away. I use mine every day without fail. It's one of the best products I have ever bought and the company is very helpful and prompt if you have a question or issue. That was an added attraction. Is a great product!!
3 weeks ago
Jessica Markovich
I bought my wrap secondhand (not from this site) only to find that the power adaptor was destroyed. I was so disappointed! I'm using this wrap for my business and I immediately loved the quality of the material and the fact it can be disassembled to clean between clients. I reached out to nushape to figure out what to do and they stood behind their product and helped me get set up with a new adaptor. They were friendly and extremely responsive. The wrap itself is just lovely - powerful enough to do what it claims and sturdy enough to be a professional offering in my massage business. They've done their research and have both the correct wavelengths and diode strength to make a difference in subcutaneous fat - something I haven't seen in any other product making similar claims. It's so good to have a company worth trusting, I should have bought through them to begin with.
a month ago