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Just after realizing that I had developed shingles on my FACE I started to use the ESP-15 Rapid Wound Care. Within a few minutes of putting it on the bad burning pain that I was having calmed down to just a tingle. When only wearing the product for about 5 hours for two days in a row the spots that had just developed were already in the scabbing stage. I never really even went through a puss stage. So lucky and excited! The product worked great!
2 years ago
I received the herbs to use during a bout with shingles. I made them into a thick paste, applying to the active areas. The relief was almost immediate and lasted for several hours. I was grateful for the relief and used it several times a a day for the duration. With the herbs I was finally able to sleep. Thank you for the help with a miserable condition.
3 years ago
Sandy Tyson
ESP 15 works with skin infections from healing bug, mosquito and amazing healing from infected spider bites. I have experienced and witnessed amazing healing of infected skin that doctors prescribed as a staph infection and still no change in elderly family members legs, used ESP 15 with dressings over night and saw incredible skin redness change and within the week the skin was healed. My husband mowing the grass was stung by a swarm of yellowjackets and his ankles and legs were swelling and in pain, rubbed herb immediately the pain stopped and swelling gone the next morning, avoided ER visit. I have seen infected, pus filled infection on my family member that a dermatologist recommended rx and it did nothing and surgery was scheduled to lance the infection and remove infection surgerically. One week and the infection was clearing up and cancelled surgery. ESP 15 draws the infection out and speeds the healing process immediately. Every home NEEDS ESP15!!
3 years ago
I used this amazing product on my diabetic poodle. She had a wound that would not heal. I tried everything from drugs the vet gave me to all natural products like coconut oil which has significant healing properties. Doug's herbs were the only thing that worked. Within a matter of days her wound was almost completely healed.I also used it on a cut on my finger. Within days the cut was completely closed and healing.
3 years ago
Rhonda Chambers
If it wasn't for this stuff (& a great farrier) I wouldn't have a horse at all let alone a rideable one with no lameness!My horse had cut his hind hoof almost in half. Putting snake bite on to get infection out , 2 screws in his hoof wall wired closed to seam it back together. He was ridable less than year. No lameness at all !
3 years ago
Victoria Casteel
Very impressed!!! Love the ESP-15 & Tri-Plex!! This stuff is amazing on wounds & infections!! It clears up the nasty stuff & leaves the flesh ready to heal!! Very easy to use too! Thanks Doc!!! Your products are awesome!!
3 years ago
Jamie Casteel
Doc's stuff is AMAZING!! It opened up & got rid of a severe infection on my hand within 24 hours & one application of the ESP-15!! There's pictures & a letter on the photos page & they don't even do justice to the amount of pain the herb relieved when applied & started doing it's thing. I truly believe I would not have been able to have the necessary surgery the next day for my broken wrist if it weren't for Doc & his herbs! Thank you Gagoti!!!
3 years ago
Andrea Stolte
This guy and his products are amazing . I have used both the human ESP15 and the animal one Tri-plex mend . My daughter had a really bad ingrown toenail we'd been treating but nothing would seem to take the swelling down much. Put in on first night i recieved it , looked like bird poop , left it in on bandaged over night and took it off the next evening. Toe swelling had gone down over half way and wasnt pusing anymore. After about 3 days the toe almost back to normal proud flesh and all. Dabbed a bit on a bite my cat had next day it was scabbed over and on its way to healing .
3 years ago
George LaBudde
This product is amazing,I’ve seen the final out come of it’s used many times from start to end.
3 years ago
Vicki Marie
Great service! Very knowledgeable in all areas of healing!
3 years ago
Barbara Hageman
Did not know any of this! Doc Washburn is a friend of my daughter-in-laws' family.Mary & Frank Friese; Whendy Friese Hageman & Todd Hageman (my son) Live in Florissant for years. Great place for his shop'
3 years ago