UR Capill-Hair Sublime Hair Oil Customer Reviews

5.0 rating out of 3 reviews

Jackie Barra
This Sublime Hair oil is everything I've ever wanted in an anti-frizz hair treatment! I have super thick hair that is an odd mixture .of straight, wavy and curly (thanks hormones 🤣). I always air dry my hair - but if I don't use any product then my hair winds up being super frizzy. This product keeps my hair frizz-free and looking shiny with soft and touchable curls. This picture is after walking around outside on a windy day for a 2 hr college tour → and look at my hair! Soft, defined curls & no frizz!!!!! 10/10 for sure 🙌
4 months ago
I use this everyday. It doesn't make my hair oily like the previous brands I tried, but it does feel silky, shines better and is less frizzy.
10 months ago
Tori Wells
My hair can be prone to going greasy, but this oil ia amazing. I use it on my long pony tail and the shine is amazing without weighting it down. Thank you!
10 months ago