UR Luxury Cleansing Balm Customer Reviews

5.0 rating out of 9 reviews

Sammi Jacques
I’ve tried so many cleansers, including some ridiculously expensive ones, and they’ve all dried my skin out completely. I have hormonal breakouts so usually go for something for acne prone skin. This stuff is amazing, it leaves you feeling moisturised and clean, and doesn’t fuel breakouts like other cleansers!
6 months ago
Jarvita Morrow
I have never had a makeup remover like this. This product literally melts the makeup off and leaves my skin feeling amazing
7 months ago
Sarah G
I use the luxury cleansing balm daily to remove my makeup. It’s perfect for my sensitive skin, leaving it soft & smooth without any irritation. It melts away my eye makeup & gets rid of all traces of mascara with out any harsh rubbing.
11 months ago
Ilaria Sodini
The best cleaner I've ever tried. The texture is fantastic, the scent is crazy, my skin is hydrated and radiant. A real cuddle!!! It became my best friend!!!!
11 months ago