UR Luxury Cleansing Balm Customer Reviews

5.0 rating out of 7 reviews

Sarah G
I use the luxury cleansing balm daily to remove my makeup. It’s perfect for my sensitive skin, leaving it soft & smooth without any irritation. It melts away my eye makeup & gets rid of all traces of mascara with out any harsh rubbing.
a month ago
Ilaria Sodini
The best cleaner I've ever tried. The texture is fantastic, the scent is crazy, my skin is hydrated and radiant. A real cuddle!!! It became my best friend!!!!
2 months ago
This luxury cleansing balm is literally a luxury. It feels gorgeous on my skin and smells amazing. Gives my face a really good cleanse. Just about to order my 2nd one.😃
9 months ago
Abi Pearson
On so many levels I love this balm! It’s quick and easy to use! It’s smells amazing! My skin had never felt so smooth and clean! The best thing is after a night out it removes all make up perfectly. Definitely would recommend to everyone.
9 months ago