UR Skin Tonic Collagen+ Customer Reviews

5.0 rating out of 13 reviews

Julie j
Lovelies, I’m sooooooo excited 😆 I just gotta brag for a minute….My nail 💅 game right now is SUPER strong 💪 Not only are my nails no longer breaking or thinning, BUT they’ve also grown so much in just a few short weeks that today I had to have them cut down a bit 😊Guys, this is a SUPER HUGE DEAL for me especially because I’m a previous nail biter Thank you SKIN TONIC 🤩
a year ago
Gill MartiniPullen
Being the wrong side of 40 I want my skin to stay looking good for as long as possible. I started using the Skin tonic almost a year ago and within a couple of months I saw a huge difference. I won’t be without this now.
a year ago
Vickie Thompson
I've suffered for over 30 years with psoriasis on my elbows , I've tried everything from prescription medicines to over the counter ones , and nothing has helped , do I tried skin tonic , I'm absolutely over the moon , I fong need to cover my arms up in embarrasment any more , and my face looks incredible too , thank you so much for this product
a year ago
Lucy Williams
I am absolutely in love with the Skin Tonic. I have suffered with Lupus for 15 years and I have tried this for 3 months and has made an absolute massive difference to my skin. It hasn't cured it but has most definitely cleared my skin ❤ I swear by this Collagen. Everyone needs to try this. First Photo 8 Days 2nd photo 2 months.
a year ago