UR Foaming Lip Scrub Customer Reviews

4.9 rating out of 12 reviews

Amanda Edgin
I absolutely love this lip scrub! It leaves my lips feeling so soft and refreshed. I highly recommend!
2 months ago
This is the best scrub I've ever used. It feels like lip balm when applying, and the bubbles are so gentle when it foams up and then your lips are left looking and feeling softer and smoother. Add this to your cart, it's a must have.
4 months ago
Nela Conner
The Foaming Lip Scrub is nonabrasive and gives you incredibly smooth lips!!!The ultimate in hydration because of all the goodness packed into this product: Vitamins A and E, Shea Butter, Carica Papaya Extract, Squalane, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil and American Witch-Hazel....I told you it was packed with goodness!!!
4 months ago
Shannan Johnson
Since I've discovered the Foaming Lip Scrub, I will not wear lipsticks without using this first. It keeps my lips looking health and the plump is a plus. I've also noticed that my lipstick stays on longer when using this. It's definitely a must have for me.
9 months ago
Michelle Morrison
I have always had very dry lips that crack and peel. My first use of the lip scrub I couldn’t believe how much dead skin was removed! My lips felt so smooth and the scrub smelled so yummy!
10 months ago
Brenda Loyd
This foaming lip scrub is amazing. I litteraly felt it tingling, I knew it was working. 5 mins and a new pout. A little pump has big results.
a year ago
Kara Smith
I love the tingle that my lip made when it started foaming…I knew it was doing it’s thing! With my winter chapped lips… this foam allowed a better application process with my lipstick because I had a much fresher pout to play with.
a year ago
The foaming lip scrub is so easy to use! You feel it working and it definitely makes my lip more plump and smooth. My lips can get dry in the winter so extra moisturising is perfect. It’s a staple in my makeup bag now.
a year ago