UR Foaming Lip Scrub Customer Reviews

5.0 rating out of 5 reviews

Kara Smith
I love the tingle that my lip made when it started foaming…I knew it was doing it’s thing! With my winter chapped lips… this foam allowed a better application process with my lipstick because I had a much fresher pout to play with.
2 weeks ago
The foaming lip scrub is so easy to use! You feel it working and it definitely makes my lip more plump and smooth. My lips can get dry in the winter so extra moisturising is perfect. It’s a staple in my makeup bag now.
2 months ago
I absolutely love this I suffer with dry lips and especially in the winter they start to crack but after using this for a while now my lips are so soft and no more cracks
3 months ago
Anna Shepherd
I love the foaming lip scrub it makes my lips feel so smooth and my lippy looks so much better after it ! In fact I could wear it makes my lips feel plumper 👄💄☺️
4 months ago
Dawnie M
Embarrassing but I have to say this product has helped clear the black head line around my lip line as well improving the overall condition of my lips 😳
6 months ago