UR Soothing Cleansing Milk Customer Reviews

5.0 rating out of 6 reviews

Ashley Maggard
Soothing cleansing milk face wash!! It worked wonderfully!! So much So, that for the first time ever, I was considering adding to and starting a face cleansing routine! But only with active labs/ urban retreat products, because I know that they actually work!
a year ago
Kara Haslam
I use the soothing cleansing milk every evening to remove the day, whether it be corrector cream or a full face of makeup, the milk removes, Cleanses and softens effortlessly. I'm nearly 50, my skin has NEVER been so healthy.
a year ago
Michelle Porter
20 year old me used to think a baby wipe was a skin care routine... almost 40 year old me knows my skin needs TLC. As I've gotten older my skin has changed and is dry and sensitive so soothing cleansing milk is my must have cleanser. It doesn't just clean my face, it's helped reduce puffiness, it removes all traces of the day including pollutants which I now know can cause wrinkles (I thought they just made your face dirty) It leaves my skin feeling baby soft and moisturised for the whole day. If you have dry, sensitive skin, you 100% need to add this to your basket.
a year ago
Nicola Woodhouse
I love the creaminess of this cleansing Milk. It really feels luxurious on the skin almost like a cleanser and moisturiser in one. My skin looks and feels so soft and hydrated after using it and its a great night time cleansing treat.
a year ago