UR Mane Tame Customer Reviews

5.0 rating out of 4 reviews

Absolutely love this product! It’s just like having my hair chemically straightened. And it’s so easy to use I used the product on the right to test it and not the left and it’s soooo silky!
7 months ago
Katie Byrne
This product has been what I can only describe as a game changer when it comes to my hair. I don't have to straighten it as often and moisture in the air no longer makes me look like a fuzz ball! I love this product
11 months ago
Samantha Bury
My hair is normally a frizzy mess but since I have started using mane tame I have ditched my straighteners and my hair last smooth and silky all day !!
11 months ago
Lucy Hill
Using this each time i wash my hair has lead to me not needing to use straighteners anymore!! This is big for me as I use to straighten my hair every single day. I love that it protects my hair from the elements and keeps the frizz at bay so that I don’t have crazy hair whilst out and about. It also helps to speed up the time it takes to blow dry my hair - super thick hair use to take an age to dry now I can dry it in 10-15 mins
a year ago