UR LiFE CHEAT Customer Reviews

5.0 rating out of 5 reviews

Marie Wright
Using these capsules are an adventure - who said losing weight was boring/hard? Cheats have been a lifesaver for me. I lost 4st in 12 months. 3 years on I’m maintaining with the help of these little beauties
2 months ago
Sehr gut..hab schon das 2.mal bestellt da es ein tolles und erfolgreiches Produkt für mich ist.Habe abgenommen und Verdauung ist seit Wochen viel besser-dennbich hatte zuvor viele Probleme damit.Bestell es auch ein 3.mal gerne wieder
4 months ago
Barbara clarke
I love this product when you want to have a treat it works wonders
6 months ago
Omg these are my favourite product there's always a pack in my bag just in case I can eat out when I feel like it n still lose weight best of both worlds ty UR 😊 I can't belive howsimple they are u can even take them up to an hour after food if u forget 🤯
7 months ago
Marissa Day
I use Keto Caps daily and I have lost 2 stone 4lb since I started. I do struggle at weekends with my healthy eating plan and so I also use Cheat to restrict the amount of fat my body absorbs when I have a takeaway or eat out. These are fab and allow me to cheat every now again. Thank you!
a year ago