Collagen & Kelp Reviews

5.0 rating out of 5 reviews

Norma McConnell
I absolutely love how much this body fondant has helped so many people since I joined this company almost 2 years ago. From skin conditions like Psorias, Eczema, dry skin, itchy skin, cradle cap and more. From the very youn babies to the elderly. My aunt in her 80s uses this all the time to take the scaliness from her scalp that the Psoriasis leaves. Customers that would itch their skin till it bleeds find this amazing, as soon as they apply it the itch goes. We also use here to pamper our feet, applying a generous layer, popping a bag over the feet for 20 mins, then massaging the fondant in and voila amazingly soft silky feet .. Absolutely wouldn't be without Collagen & Kelp in our house
2 months ago
Katie Cox
We are family with sensitive skin. I struggle with contact dermatitis, the kids with eczema, hubby with dry skin. This product has helped every single one of us. It heals skin quickly and is super moisturising. Tbh we have spent a fortune over the years throwing creams and lotions in the bin that cause irritation, not make it better. We always stock up because we would never ever want to run. I love how we get 10% off each month too!
3 months ago
Sarah Bateman
I have used this product for years. There's nothing it doesn't do. Face cream, body cream. Any bumps bruises or scratches it heals faster and best than anything I've found. Had a fall and bashed all the side of my face. Looked terrible. Used this twice a day. Completely healed scar free in 7 days. This was 3 years ago. Highly recommended
6 months ago
Dawn Ludford
Fantastic product!!! If you try only one product from this company let it be Collagen and Kelp Fondant. I have used this, with great success, when I burned my hand taking a tray from the oven! Ran under cold water, then applied this cream. Not only was there no pain but there was not even a mark from the burn. I was totally astonished!Also I purchased this, initially, for my hands as I have had dermatitis for many years. It is the best thing for clearing and moisturising dermatitis, you really need to try it if you suffer like I do. Gone are the days when it gets so bad I have terrific pain from it, this cream stops it in it’s tracks.I also advised it’s use for my friend when her baby had terrible nappy rash whilst teething. She had tried everything under the sun and is forever grateful of it clearing completely over just 2 days of applying on each nappy change. I’m her new best friend 😊
7 months ago