Folli-Grow Reviews

5.0 rating out of 3 reviews

Jodi Ashby
I cannot believe the difference this duo has made, along with the shampoo and conditioner. I've felt like my hair just wasn't growing anymore but in just two weeks, it's just, Wow, grown and thickened!!
3 months ago
I love this product. Grow my hair so fast and having a nice hair.
4 months ago
I was skeptical about trying anything for hair regrowth. But after losing 30-40% of my hair after Covid I was willing to try it. I was pleasantly surprised when it started to work. It does take time, about 60 days before I noticed growth. The instructions clearly state that it should be used for 90 days before you’ll see significant hair regrowth and that’s true. It’s also meant to be used consistently, I was good about applying it daily. I definitely recommend this product.
6 months ago