UR Night LiFE Customer Reviews

5.0 rating out of 15 reviews

These are absolutely fantastic.No gang over in the morning and you feel like you have had a proper nights sleep.
a year ago
Terri Russell
So these little beauties I need to absolutley share with you all .. Ive always been one to always other think never switch of when it comes to bed times .. I normally like to go around 9 else 10 to wind down .. and start my days as early as possible .. Now I used to be awake toss and turning waking up every single hour on the dot unable to go to sleep .. to the point I was up cooking in my kitchen early hours till 3 else 4 am ... do i did the nornal thing went to the doctors they stated nothing they can do refused to put me on sleepers . Even though I suffer anxiety and depression .. and stated no I would simply gain to much weight being on them . long story short . Ive been taking these now for 2 months now .. 🤎 no extra weight gain🤎 I went from winding down in a hour to now im knocked out to sleep in 15 minutes 🤎 I get a full 8 hours straight through .. no waking up 🤎 Im more refreshed ready for my day
2 years ago
Absolutely the BEST sleep remedy I have ever used! I was sceptical about these but can honestly say from the very first night I have slept better and been less restless. No hangover feeling in the morning either like some sleeping tablets.
3 years ago
Sharon Ross
Where do I begin with saying how much I love the Night Supplements.. being a sufferer with Fibromyalgia, sleep has for a very long time been a problem for me, at times suffering quite badly with insomnia and often only about 4 hours sleep a night, but restless sleep. I also suffer with restless legs and anxiety. I would often have problems getting off to sleep due to my mind whizzing around like a tornado.I tried the Night capsules and couldn’t believe how amazing they were... not only helping me get off to sleep but staying asleep for longer, waking feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. I also noticed how they were helping my mood, far less anxious, to almost non-existent but also feeling happier & brighter in myself.The only downside was how vivid my dreams were, I’ve always had quite strange dreams usually due to my brain processing what was going on in my life, but these became far more vivid and at times a little frightening, but I stuck with it and now
3 years ago
Anne McLelland
These night capsules are absolutely amazing. I was getting around 3 hours sleep a night. Constantly waking throughout the night and not being able to get back to sleep. I also struggled to get to sleep I would lay awake for a good hour or so before eventually dropping off. Since taking these I can now go to bed and drop straight off. I still wake a couple of times but I go straight back to sleep and I'm getting a good 7-8 hours worth a night. I have no problem getting up in the morning I'm straight up and ready for the day. Feeling refreshed and ready for the day.
3 years ago
Claire Leonard
Night Life has literally changed mine and my daughters life!!My daughter suffers from insomnia and will go months at a time surviving on minimal sleep, using night life has changed all that she drifts off to sleep with ease and wakes up feeling refreshed!For myself I struggle with staying asleep but find these help me get a whole night sleep!Were both much happier and well rested and no longer have suitcases under our eyes!!
3 years ago
Jo Townsend
As I write this review I have just taken my nightlife capsules ready for an undisturbed sleep.As a rule I have never had issues with sleeping, until the last year through lockdowns I have always managed to fall asleep easily but no matter what time I went to bed I would wake up 1 hour later tossing and turning with restless legs and that would be me awake until around 5am. After months of deliberating I finally ordered and tried Nightlife and can honestly say it has helped me so much, I now sleep through the night and feel rested and energised which makes such a difference to how I approach life the following day. I am slowly losing my dark circles and my skin feels much more healthy. I didn’t realise how lack of sleep was effecting me until I found Nightlife and I love them.
3 years ago
Michelle Reichenbach
Since I started menopause 3 yrs ago, my sleep habits have becomeinterrupted several times throughout the night from the relentless hotflashes. I spend my days awake in a daze, no concentration, fightingto stay awake. Hiding from the world because I just was too tired tohave conversations.....Since starting with Night I have a full night sleep. I can fallasleep naturally and not have the sedated feeling from other remediesI have tried before. I do love that I am not not experiencinginterruption of sleep by hot flashes and I have no groggy feelingupon waking nor feel like I am dragging throughout the day. It isfinally great to feel alive and alert and ready to go take on the day! It's my savior for a full nights sleep.
3 years ago