UR Vitality C Smoothing Base Customer Reviews

5.0 rating out of 11 reviews

Katryna Mahmud
I use the Vitality C serum as part of my daily morning skincare routine and I am always being complimented on how radiant my skin is 😍It definitely helps with keeping me looking young as nobody ever suspects my actual age! 🤍
a week ago
Sammi Jacques
Started using this about 3 months ago and it’s made a huge difference to my complexion, my skin is brighter and less tired looking. It feels lovely on my skin and rejuvenates a tired mum face!!
8 months ago
Sonia Moss
This is an absolute amazing product! Instant results. It's like having a mini face lift! Amazing results on the neck too just after first application.
10 months ago
Rebecca ginn
My UR rep showcased this i wanted to try it. Already had a bottle,but I was worried about losing that hold it in feeling on my face by the time I'd done moisture prime and 3d but no still feels like I got my hold in knickers on my face . I am so impressed . And a little goes a long way .
10 months ago