UR UltraDerm Day Cream Customer Reviews

5.0 rating out of 7 reviews

Sarah Mullarkey
I switched over to the ultraderm day cream recently and both me and my skin love it. I used to suffer with really dry skin, not anymore. It's the best my skin has felt in a long time. I love the feel of it and it's a great price. Win, win!
3 weeks ago
Lucia Antonella Zappa
I am sharing my results the world needs to know how incredible this cream is .I have achieved theses amazing results in only 5 Months.So blessed to have this in my life 🤎🤎🤎
a month ago
Julie j
When I turned 40 7 years ago, I felt like my skin had aged so much and I felt SUPER self conscious.....I was constantly looking in the mirror worrying about how old I looked. 🙈I thought I’d give this cream a try.I learned that this cream features what’s called Acti-Complexe' , a new Proprietary Ingredient which has been developed by our research and development team that’s CLINICALLY PROVEN to maintain consistent moisturisation together with a statistically significant increase in skin brightness, and also CLINICALLY PROVEN to reduce wrinkle depth and length so of course I was like I NEED THIS ASAP. 😍From the very start of my using it, my skin feels so soft, smooth, AND my wrinkles have definitely decreased. 🤗I feel so much more confident now How AMAZING is that 🤩
2 months ago
Carrie S
I switched over to Urban Retreat about 1 month ago in a bid to save money. My previous brand was much more expensive and whilst it was better than average due to the cost of living increases I am needing to cut back. I'm shocked that the skincare I am saving over £100 a month on (Urban Retreat) is actually far better than the previous brand I was using. I am in love with the ethics too, on comparing after the switch the other companies ethics weren't all that. I will never look back! I use Micellar Lotion, Eye Contour Cream, UltraDerm Day Cream so far. I will be switching the other products I use over to Urban Retreat too so I can save even more money!
3 months ago