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Garry Beveridge
Ordered a hot tub from Royal Tubs waited a little longer for delivery due to some unavoidable delays. Felt I was given good guidance prior to purchase . Communication whilst awaiting delivery was sporadic , often initiated by ourselves but understandable. Delivery day came with 2 men bringing the tub into the garden and 3 others assisting. Tub leaked profusely for almost a week but we were assured this was normal as wood needed to expand. Once filled we looked forward to our first dip. Sadly the pump was faulty meaning the bubbles didn’t work and the electricity kept tripping . After assuring the company the tub had not been overfilled they agreed to send us a pump for us to fit assuring us it was an easy job. Not being electricians we refused and a technician was sent out to remove and refit the pump after a week or so.He was here for approximately one hour and told us it would have been difficult for us to have done the job . Roll on another 8 weeks and several very happy uses we noticed the water getting very slimy even though only 2 of us were using the tub and we showered before each use. Also we were completely emptying the tub and refilling with fresh water every 3 to 4 days. We had wanted to avoid chemical use but reached out to Royal Tubs for advice . They suggested we use a product called Aquablank that cost us £86 off Amazon. Whilst waiting for the chemicals we were concerned to find the oven was leaking water into the bottom of it. It was obvious to us this was a welding issue but at Royal Tubs request photos were sent and a video showing the leak. Over the next couple of days we were told that the manufacturer of the oven was claiming we had used the burner before filling the tub with water , or we had emptied the tub whilst still hot. We had infact used the tub exactly as advised and had not done either of those things. Explaining that the German company were now having ovens made in Lithuania and assured a replacement would be couriered to us we explained a technician would need to fit it and remove the faulty oven. Some 3 weeks after the leak was noticed a technician attended and replaced the oven taking approximately 2 hours . Some 4 days after he left we were ready to use the tub for the first time in almost 4 weeks . Sadly it then became apparent he had not left us with a grate that fits into the base of the oven so again we were unable to use it until a replacement was couriered to us , which having requested I’m assured will be dispatched to us today . Sadly if I had known what I know now I would not have purchased a hot tub from Royal Tubs . There is hardly ever anyone there when you call (you get a automated text advising you their usual opening hours are 9 to 5 ) They don’t ever call you to discuss concerns but rely on email to deal with aftersales issues which isn’t great customer service in my opinion given the value of the tubs they sell. In summary if you want a good looking tub these are great if you want one that doesn’t have faults perhaps go elsewhere .
a month ago
Mrs Mum
Started off great, went downhill rapidly! Did loads of research, found very similar hot tubs cheaper from smaller companies but decided to go with these guys because they seemed reputable at face value and from all the positive reviews on here. Extremely friendly on the phone and said that if we committed there and then to a tub they could have it delivered at tea time the same day - explained that we didn't have people to help move it at our end at such short notice and was told that if we paid the installation fee that didn't matter as extra people wouldn't be needed, so we went for it and paid the delivery cost up front directly to Royal Tubs. Sadly, the tub did not arrive at tea time as promised. We got a call at 7pm to say it was 4 hours away and no alternative delivery day could be offered. It turned up at 11.30pm at night. We live in a small residential road and the noise and drama getting it off the lorry was extremely stressful, especially given that they sent ONE delivery man who was not able to install it by himself, so my husband (with his bad back) had to try and help. The delivery many brought boards to wheel the tub over but didn't use them on our gravel drive or lawn, so the noise was awful and it was a lot of effort. I had been asked to send a video from the drive to the location the hot tub was to go to, which I did ahead of arrival. The boards were again not used to move it across our lawn, so big ruts were created across the grass. The chap who delivered then couldn't get it onto our deck, even with help from hubby, so the tub got dropped and some of the wood cladding was split/damaged/broken. He told us that we could just glue the bits back when he'd left which I was quite shocked by! He also didn't attach the drinks shelf and told us to just do that bit ourselves! Given that it was October, dark, raining and the delivery man was on his own, we did our best to help assemble the tub so that we could get to bed at a reasonable time (we both had work next day). He finally finished installing at about 1.30am. He didn't provide his own lights, so we had our 240v extension lead and table lamps plugged in to help him see what he was doing - which wasn't very safe given the rain!!! The driver took our payment for both the hot tub and the delivery and gave us no paperwork/receipt for the £4K we'd just given him so we asked for one and were told to write it ourselves and he'd just sign to say he'd received the cash. He also told us to contact his boss to let them know he'd finished the delivery. I'm not sure why he didn't do that himself! The next day we inspected the damage to our lawn and decking and saw that the rose arch which I had put out of the way had been under the hot tub when it was dropped and so that was also damaged beyond repair. We contacted Royal Hot Tubs and were basically told that they take no liability for the delivery, installation or any damage done to the tub or belongings once the tub is on site. We were told to contact the delivery driver who apparently has nothing to do with their company, despite the fact that he'd taken payment for the tub and signed the receipt! After several fairly aggressive phone calls, he agreed to refund the installation fee. Two weeks later one of the buttons on the tub stopped working. We contacted Royal Tubs again and they said they'd send some new wooden slats to replace the ones damaged in the installation process and also a new button. We explained that we do not have the expertise to dismantle and repair the tub ourselves but they nonetheless sent the parts which are now sat on a shelf because despite them sending us instructions on how to fix it, we were unable to do so and now have now given up on getting a more satisfactory resolution. Had I known that the delivery and after care would be so poor, I would not have ordered from these guys. I found packages on Ebay with tubs that looked identical for £1000 less and I wish I'd just bought one of those now!
4 months ago
Ian Batty
I was led to believe that the opening times of royal tubs was as they suggest on there web site! This turned out to be not the case. I’m from up north and was keen to visit royal tubs down in Corby . This was about a 3.5hrs journey for me so decided to tie it in with a holiday to Norfolk. I called Royal tubs on the Friday at the end of my holiday to say I would like to visit to view there hot tubs on the Saturday on my way back up north only to be told that no one would be available on the Saturday to see me as it was Halloween. I was extremely disappointed at this and will now take my 5k elsewhere.... In reply to the owner’s reply. You need to check all your information!! I did not make any mid week appointment as it would have been a 5 hr round trip from Norfolk to do so and a day out of my holiday! The lady on reception said that you do not have a showroom and that it would be a visit to the factory which would have been ok but no one would be there because it was Halloween ( must have early trick or treaters in Corby). She did say that Sunday would be ok but we had to leave our holiday let on Saturday. Bearing in mind that your website says you are closed on a Sunday!! Oh forgot those times are all fictitious !! You need to gather all the correct information befor you reply !!
11 months ago
Beansy Boy
Do you live in a smoke control zone?? READ FIRST! I live in a suburban setting and used really dry firewood from a recognized retailer that sells -20% moistur wood (bone dry basically), to run the heater but a neighbour complained about the initial burn of kindling and firelighters and said that I can't do that in the area. He's basically made it his business to pay it unwanted attention which is causing issues now. So I went onto my local council website and sure enough, I live in a smoke control zone so wood is NOT PERMITTED as a burnable fuel unless the heater is DEFRA approved and only certain types of firelogs are. I tried those as an alternative and not only did it not burn hot enough, the smell was acrid probably due to chemicals in them and again the neighbour complained. It is true that once it gets going, the smoke is minimal but if you have neighbours nearby on either side that are remotely picky then you are leaving yourself wide open to trouble. I was told that only DEFRA approved wood burners are permitted in smoke control zones and these appliances are not on that list. I really wish they were as I don't want to use electricity but I have had to now take out the heater, build more bench seats, spend £400 on a electric pump kit and another £450 on a thermal SPA Lid to trap heat like a normal Spa Tub which I hope works. So after spending £1900 on tub and getting it lifted by a winch company over the house, which costs £500, I have spent approx £3300 plus monthly chemicals now which I didn't want in the first place. Royal tubs told me the smoke should be minimal at the start when i phoned them and it shouldn't be a problem but in actual fact, no matter how much smoke it produces, in my "smoke control" area ALL regular wood burning is illegal unless the heater is Defra approved. These tubs are great and I love them as opposed to regular plastic electric ones but they DO NOT mention/warn at all about Smoke Control Zones when buying. It could be that they don't know about it as they sell mainly to more rural clients but be careful as I have found out the hard way and its been really stressful . It has cost me nearly as much as a regular spa tub, difference being I have only been in mine 3 times due to this issue. I only put 1 star so that people in my position read this and don't lose a shed load of cash the hard way. If you don't live in a smoke control zone then have a great time, they are really well built and look lovely, but buyer beware if you do! I have been so stressed with it all that at one point I wanted to just dismantle it and get rid of it completely. The tub is great in terms of build quality and it came quickly, efficiently and well protected. This review is primarily to warn buyers and about making sure people understand what they might be getting into if they have neighbour's that can cause issues and live in a smoke control zone. Gutted!
a year ago
Henry Whitfield
The water never stopped gushing out of the seams, to one degree or another. Their customer service were not interested in helping post sale. It is supposed to swell and retain water. Clearly a faulty product that has given us constant stress as often it doesn't retain enough water to fully submerge the boiler. The low water level eventually broke the boiler (excessive heat) and we had to buy a replacement. Don't buy without guarantee it will retain water.
3 years ago