CTFO Success Stories

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Des Mc Dermott
I'm 33 years involved in the health & wellness industry. In fact I have an academic degree in this field and honestly, I have never seen a company strive to always have the purest, safest, fast acting products. The 10x Pure patented system puts CTFO leaps and bounds ahead of any other company in this space. I love your products and the business ethics of everything you stand for. Des Mc Dermott
Otis J Jr Riggins
I have been in the wellness industry over 42 years, I’ve been with 6 different companies over the years and never seen a company like CTFO, A company of integrity, A company with purpose, A company with Vision🇺🇸A company of integrity, And a company with the best owners ever🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Thank you 😊
User profile - Terry Richkid Walker.
Terry Richkid Walker
I love what CTFO is doing for not only us as the associates but also for the Customers that are ordering these fantastic products that we have as well. The owners and the managing staff are really fantastic people, they are down to earth and really care about everyone of us. They really go the distance to make sure that we get the best products at the lowest prices available. The products are really one of a kind, In my opinion they are the best of the best and I love what the company of CTFO is doing as a whole. This opportunity truly rocks!!!!
CTFO has saved my life! I love CTFO and all of there products. I use 10xPure Super 1000 and Multi-vitamins everyday along with some others. I do not feel as if CTFO is a business but as a Family! We stand together and we rise together!
User profile - James K. Kim.
James K. Kim
I've been using several CTFO products for a few years and I have noticed significant improvements in my overall health. No more getting sick every other month, no more feelings of lethargy and low energy, and perhaps best of all...no more wondering if a 9-to-5 job slaving away in a cubicle is my future. The fact that CTFO is also a home-based business anybody can start for FREE and build a significant income online while helping people improve both their health and their wealth is an incredible bonus opportunity nobody should pass up, especially in today's age of job layoffs and automation. I have planted my flag with CTFO for life, and I am excited to continue the journey towards a bright future for my growing team of associates and customers worldwide.
Bob Gaskell
It’s a no-brainier... I’m saving when I shop and earning when I share!With CTFO you can enjoy Health, Wealth & Success with market leading products that are at the forefront of scientific endeavour! It’s not a question of ‘why should I join?’ but more ‘I wish I had joined sooner!’
Letisha Jackson
Your videos are incredibly effective, thank you for putting them together to help us be successful. However, you yourselves know that videos draw more than still photos do. With that said, short videos such as the one under "Presentations" which shows a quick but exciting overview of becoming an Associate, would be a TREMENDOUS advertising tool for us if we could download it and use it in our own campaigns. The same with some of our top-selling products. Videos statistically perform better for grabbing attention than photographs. So, if you would allow us to download some of the shorter videos to use, we would all have an amazing tool to grow. Thank you for any consideration you give to my input.