UR Sun Cream Customer Reviews

5.0 rating out of 3 reviews

Stephanie Douglas
I am on medication that leaves me prone to sun sensitivity, in previous years before this sun cream was released I’ve tried many different companies. I use urban retreat skincare across the board and was unsure if the sun cream was going to be effective in enabling me to enjoy some time outside this summer but I have managed to not only avoid sunburn but I’ve also avoided clogged pores, and the irritation rashes I’ve incurred with other brands. I currently use factor 50 on my face and factor 25 on my arms and legs and am impressed by how lightweight it is and how I can use it both with or without my make up and moisturiser.
a year ago
Clare Pearson
I absolutely love the feel of this sun cream! I have freckles and tend to burn. I am so happy to find a sun protection that doesn't make me feel like I have covered my face in butter!
a year ago
Helen E
We are a family of 5 all with sensitive skin conditions. We have also made many changes this year to benefit the environment and so this sun cream seemed a good fit to us because it does not harm the environment or the sea. It is a super effective product and so gentle to our skin. My kids don't even have stains on their school shirts from sun cream this year!
a year ago