UR LiFE Balance Customer Reviews

5.0 rating out of 13 reviews

Rachel Taylor
I have been taking these for a few months now and I can't recommend these enough. My hot sweats and mood plus other menopausal symptoms have been reduced dramatically so if you have any of these symptoms definitely try these capsules.
3 months ago
Heather Coates
These capsules changed my life
5 months ago
Dawn Reid
These are great they really do help with hot flushes, they took quite a while to work on me but my hot flushes were 24/7 and I had been suffering fo over an year. What I need to know is how long can I take them for?
5 months ago
Charlotte Dove
Since starting Balance I can hand on heart say that my Miserable PeriMenopause Life has turned on its axis. I breeze through my periods, the night sweats are gone and my Vaginal Dryness is a thing of the past. I am sorry if this is TMI but I really need to get across how incredible this product really is. I will never stop taking this!!
6 months ago
Ilaria Sodini
Since using Balance, I have solved many ailments related to menopause, intense and embarrassing sweating, stress, anxiety, mood swings ... I recommend it to all menopausal and premenopausal women, but not only. The benefits of this product are really many, it is also great for those with osteoporosis, endometriosis, hair loss, lack of energy etc ... It is my lifesaver, never without it !!!! 😉
8 months ago
Julie j
Who could of guessed that after JUST 2 WEEKS of taking these 2 green capsules daily there would be AMAZING changes 🤩Not only since starting them do I have ZERO hot flashes & ZERO night sweats BUT I also feel like myself again while being proud that I’m using something natural THAT WORKS 😍So so glad I have this in my life 🤗
8 months ago
I am so thrilled and thankful to have found Balance!!! I can tell you that I have tried so many different herbal products on the market to help balance my hormones and alleviate symptoms of PMS and Perimenopause. I was having night sweats every night and chronic breast pain every day along with wicked periods that came with mood swings and horrific pain. I am happy to say that after taking Balance for two months now, I no longer have night sweats, my breast pain is gone and my other symptoms alleviated as well. It is so nice to feel like a normal human being again. Never stop making this beautiful product! It has done wonders for me and many others.
9 months ago
Jackie Taylor
I'm back with another review.... I have added Balance into my daily routine for the last 2 weeks and already I am experiencing less night sweats and irritability. A sense of calm. I am amazed because I've never really believed a natural supplement could work like this!
9 months ago