UR LiFE RESET Customer Reviews

5.0 rating out of 29 reviews

Michael Berry
Just completed the 14 day cycle of reset, noticeable changes in my stomach health, much less indigestion and a slightly higher appetite. I’m also not needing as much caffeine as I am used to having daily so it’s done a great job so far
3 weeks ago
Definitely worth the money! No more bloated belly and constipation is gone
3 weeks ago
Joanne Allen
Before trying this I really suffered with constipation and bloating. I was taking over the counter medication and now I’ve had no problems and my stomach is flatter
3 weeks ago
I've used the re-set alongside the Hydra-Slim for 2 weeks now and wow you can really feel it cleansing your gut, it gave me an energy boost, felt less bloating and I've lost 7pounds. Definitely recommend and will be ordered again.
4 weeks ago
I take it every morning. It has noticeably cut my stomach Bloat! Feeling great.
a month ago
Melissa Swartz
This product has changed my life! I will never be without it! It helped clear up my skin, helped me lose stubborn weight that’s been hanging on, keeps me regular, helps me sleep better and I could go on and on! If you get any LIFE wellness product this needs to be one of them!
a month ago
Cheryl Hullett
The Re-Set has been a game changer for me! It not only has started to resolve my fatty liver, but I've lost almost 10 pounds in just 3 weeks! My body has been resistant to weight loss for many years and I've finally found something that works! My clothes fit better, I don't have the bloat that I used to, and I'm also "regular" again. I will never stop taking this supplement. You'll be happy you tried it!
2 months ago
Shira Fouste
Reset is an absolute staple for me each morning. I absolutely LOVE this product!So, the taste is reminiscent of a strong, maple syrup that is less viscous. It is not thick like a syrup, so it goes down quickly. I do not find it is unpleasant tasting at all. I know that taking it on a regular basis has made any bloat dissappear even at period time. I feel like it aids in my keeping a healthy weight. I am aware that I am regular with bowels & bathroom trips with no distress or constipation. My Gastroenterologist said my colon looked great! I believe in this product. "Reset" your gut health. You will be glad that you did.
2 months ago