Facebook Feed Widgets for Your Website

Easily create Facebook feed widget and auto-sync your Facebook activity with your website.

Facebook Feed Widgets by EmbedSocial

Sharing your activities on your Facebook page and your website at the same time has never been easier! With our Facebook feed widgets, you can auto-sync your Facebook posts and enrich your website design turning your website visitors into Facebook followers.

Just connect your Facebook account and start creating Facebook feed widgets from your media posts, mentions, or reviews of your business on Facebook. Enhance your inspiration by trying different layouts like sliders, grids, slideshows, masonry, flat, modern, or classic Facebook feeds. Make your Facebook widgets fit your brand and website design by using multiple templates or a custom CSS editor. Save it and copy one line of code that you can embed anywhere on your website. Our dedicated team is here to help you to choose the best feed ideas for your website.

Want to go further with your Facebook posts? With the EmbedSocial platform, you can add CTA buttons to your Facebook posts and even make your Facebook feed shoppable! Place links from your products in each post and moderate which ones to show or not. With EmbedSocial you don’t have to worry about coming out with attractive Facebook feed on your website that is hard to miss.