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If you are one of those brands that regularly use their Facebook pages to share their activities then EmbedSocial is a perfect tool for you.

With a simple connection with our system, you will never need to do both, share your company activity on Facebook and also in the news section of your website.

With the Facebook feed, you can sync all that automatically and display Facebook posts on your website.

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Feeds from mentions or your own Facebook page

The EmbedSocial platform has direct, approved integration with the Facebook API and can pull all content related to your brand posted on Facebook.

This means that EmbedSocial can generate the following sources:

  • Facebook Page Posts – Posts published by Facebook Page.
  • Facebook @Mentions – Posts published by users with a Facebook Page mention.
  • Facebook Visitors Posts – Posts published by visitors on your Facebook Page.

Expand reach to increase Facebook fans

Due to changes in the Facebook platform, the reach of the most posts of the Facebook page in limited and companies in the past few years struggles to gain organic reach.

This is where EmbedSocial can help. We can help you to expand your Facebook page amongst your web visitors and not just Facebook users.

And all that with a single line of code. You don’t’ need to be a developer nor understand coding. EmbedSocial provides you with your Facebook feed’s code and you will only need to embed it in your website’s code.

10+ Facebook feed templates that match any website design

Sliders, grids, slideshows, masonry, flat, modern or classic  Facebook feeds, you name it, and we have them all!

Each of the feeds is developed by our design team to make sure you provide an interactive showcase and a visual marketing tool on your website.

Here is a live demo of the Facebook feed slider widget:

Custom Facebook feed builder

The EmbedSocial editor gives you a Custom CSS option that will overwrite any default style in the templates.

By providing this, we are giving you the entire freedom to make and design your Facebook feed as you wish.

Use your brand colors and make it fit your website or campaign design.

How to generate and embed Facebook feed?

Follow these steps to start collecting Facebook posts and embed them on any website with EmbedSocial:

  1. Start a trial and register to EmbedSocial
  2. Sign in with your Facebook account to connect with our platform
  3. Choose mention or your account
  4. Customize the widget layout and moderate the posts if needed
  5. Copy/paste the code to display the Facebook posts on your website

Create social commerce. Facebook shop for your website

Authentic content drive conversions, and especially if this is user-generated content, usual shares of photos that your happy customers posted on Facebook about your products.

EmbedSocial can help you re-use this content and build an entire Facebook shop on your website, with an option to add shoppable links such as Buy buttons that will navigate web visitors directly to the checkout pages of your products.

And again you don’t need coding skills, you will only need to tag your products in the feed and paste the provided code on your web page.

Embed live Facebook feeds

With a simple auto-sync switch ON, the embedded Facebook feed on your website will start refreshing the content every time you post on Facebook

By doing this, your website will always provide fresh and engaging content, and you will no longer need to spend time or money to update it.

Have control which Facebook posts are published

Our feeds have tons of filtering options. You can set the feed to show only posts that contain certain posts or only show the newest posts.

Additionally, you can manage the first page of the fed by adding priority of the posts or pinning posts that you think should always be first and followed by other recently published posts.

And the best, you have the entire control to handpick which posts should be live on your website. Our moderation options are advanced and give super flexibility especially for feeds created for a hashtag campaign.

Multiple Facebook feed widgets on multiple websites

With EmbedSocial you can create multiple feeds from multiple Facebook pages or feeds that combine posts from other social networks such as Instagram, Youtube or Twitter. And when you create these entire social media walls you are able to make different widgets that can be embedded in different domains.

Perfect for agencies or mutliple location brands that might have more websites and social media accounts.

Need help?

Frequently asked questions about Facebook feed

Have a specific question about Facebook mention or hashtag feeds? Check the FAQ section below or click the bottom right chat icon and talk with us.