[Demo] Facebook slideshow Plugin

This demo of the Facebook slideshow plugin displays a Facebook album
from the BMW Facebook page in a beautiful slideshow layout.
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In action

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Instagram Gallery

This feature enables you to use the EmbedAlbum plugin for displaying Instagram photos on your website from a specific Instagram username such as @beyonce 🙂

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Facebook Gallery from Facebook albums

Showcase Facebook albums from a particular page in a full gallery or you can add specific Facebook albums and then generate a gallery only from the selected albums.

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Twitter Hashtag Feed

A unique option that allows you to generate an album from a specific Twitter hashtag and embed it on your website. The album updates each time a new photo is posted with your hashtag.

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Facebook & Instagram Widget

Check this demo and see how you can transform the EmbedAlbum plugin in a simple Facebook or Instagram Widget

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Facebook Slideshow

With this feature, you can create a beautiful slideshow display of your Facebook albums and embed it on your website.

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Wordpress Plugin

If your website is built with WordPress, we offer you the WordPress version of the plugin that is slightly faster and the lightbox view is displayed in a full screen.

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Masonry Layout

This is a cool new layout to showcase your images. The images adjust automatically to fill all the available space.

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Facebook Social Feed

Create a beautiful social feed and display all videos, photos or text posts published by your or your Facebook fans on your Facebook page.
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Instagram Hashtag Feed

This demo will show you an Instagram feed generated and embedded on our website from a specific Instagram hashtag.

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