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Shopify 'Verified reviews' app
Import third party reviews in Shopify app
Import third party reviews in Shopify app

Bulk/manual import reviews from other 3rd platform that you have collected like: Trustpilot, Tripadvisor, Airbnb, Capterra, Trustradius

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We have recently added a new feature for our Shopify app 'Verified reviews' where our users can manually bulk import their 3rd party reviews, so you can now easily import your current reviews that you save in a spreadsheet or reviews you downloaded from third-party platforms. Once you do this, you can display them on your Shopify website.

Import reviews file specification

The Reviews Import tool accepts data in comma-separated values (CSV) file format. The first row of the template or data file contains column headings. Each subsequent row corresponds to a custom review that needs to be imported.

You can upload a maximum of 500 reviews in one file. Download the template file here.


name, review_date, rating, product_handle, review_text, email, tags, custom_link, reviewer_photo_url
  • name: Reviewer name

  • review_date: You can choose the date format

  • rating: Number 1 – 5

  • product_handle

  • review_text: Review text

  • email: Reviewer email

  • tags: Review tags, comma-separated

  • custom_link: Individual Review link. This link will take precedence over the source link

  • reviewer_photo_url: Reviewer photo URL

Required columns are name, review_date, and rating. The other columns may be empty, but they must be comma-separated

We also have sample templates for the following platforms:, Yotpo, Rivyo product reviews and Shopify product reviews.

You can get these templates from the Sources field here:

Once you have your reviews spreadsheet structured as the guidelines above, you can go to your Shopify app, 'Verified reviews' by EmbedSocial.

1. From the main Dashboard, head over to the 'reviews' page:

2. Once you land there, click 'Import reviews' button, and select your CSV file:

Once you click Import, it will take couple of minutes until the reviews are imported.

You can find your Imported reviews in the 'Reviews' Page.

If you need any assistance importing your 3rd party reviews, please feel free to click the 'bubble' chat and reach our responsive Customer Success team.

Or feel free to email us at

Thank you guys, stay safe!

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