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This is one of the best features in the EmbedReviews platform.

To start using it just log in to your EmbedReviews account or if you still don’t have an account get your free trial and try this awesome feature.

First, make sure that you have generated the reviews from your Facebook Page.

Once you have your Facebook reviews generated, here is how you can setup the Autoresponder to that Facebook page.

Steps to access the Autoresponder settings:

1. After you log in, just navigate to the ‘Reviews‘ section

Select facebook reviewers

2. In the list with your Facebook Page reviews, click the “Autoresponder icon”

Activate Facebook reviews autoresponder

Once you’ve accessed the Autoresponder settings, here is how to activate it:

Activate the Autoresponder

Here is a step by step:

Activate Autoresponder in EmbedReviews

  1. First, in the Autoresponder settings window, define for which rating you want to activate the Autoresponder. To do this, choose one of the selections in the option: Only reply when the rating is equal or greater than: 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.
  2. Next, write the auto-reply text message, here is an example: We appreciate your time to give us a review. Thank you! – Nikola, CEO @ EmbedSocial
  3. Optional*: Activate ‘Show template’ and choose a pre-defined template
  4. Turn on the option ‘Activate autoresponder’
  5. Click ‘Preview’ to see how the autoresponder will appear in the Facebook reviews comments section
  6. Click ‘Start Autoresponder’

That’s it.

Here is a video with the detailed instructions:

Now we have activated an autoresponder for our Facebook Page EmbedSocial, so if you post a review it will appear immediately as a reply.

* (this is optional, and you can activate the Autoresponder with a template or solely with a message. )

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