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The EmbedReviews platform offers a variety of widgets and layouts that you can use as pre-made designs for your reviews/testimonials feeds.

But if you want to customize the reviews feed layouts and take control of the layout, you can use the Custom CSS option.

To add a custom CSS to your reviews feed, just Log in to your EmbedReviews account and follow the steps below:

  • In the left-hand menu click ‘Reviews Feed’
  • Choose a feed you’ve already created or click ‘Add new’ to create a new one
  • In the feed view, scroll the left-hand ‘Settings’ panel and find the option ‘Custom CSS’
  • In the textarea filed type or paste your custom CSS
  • Click ‘Preview’ to see how the layout with the new CSS will look like

To find the CSS classes that we use in the style, feel free to check the code with Inspect element and just modify its parameters.

Here is an example where we used a Custom CSS to change the default Box layout. And here is the result:

To see this result in a live demo follow the link below:

Custom CSS demo here >>

If you need any help feel free to contact us.

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