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In this tutorial, you will find the steps on how to add the schema code that EmbedReviews provides for your Wix website.

Go to Wix, select the site that you want to edit and click on ‘Edit Site’

On the top menu bar go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Tracking & Analytics’:

embed star snippet in wix

A new popup window will appear and you need to click on ‘New Tool’ on the top right corner:

add schema in wix

After you’ve done this go to ‘</> Custom’

custom field in wix

A new window will appear and this is where you will need to paste the schema code that EmbedSocial provides:

paste schema snippet in wix

PLEASE NOTE THAT:  Google doesn’t display organic stars on home pages of websites, only on sub-pages, category pages, or another type of page that you choose, so please make sure to select one of those pages:

wix page to embed schema

After you’ve selected the page make sure you click on ‘Head’ and  ‘Apply’

save changes wix schema code

And the last thing is to publish it.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you experience any difficulties.

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