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The EmbedReviews app for Shopify provides options to customize the email template and settings such as when to send the emails, who should receive it and similar.

You can find all these options in the Email menu.

Change email template

In this section, you can customize the email text and use the email parameters to personalize the emails by showing specific information for the product purchased or for the client.

To make the email more personal choose some of the parameters that provide information about the product its description and similar. Here are some of the parameters you can include in your email template:

Once you edit the email text use the options to ‘Preview ‘ and ‘Send test’ email to make sure the email works great before you set it live.

Change email settings

On the same page on the right side, you will find the email settings for customizing the email sequence.

You can change when the email should be sent, how many emails to be sent per order, the interval between emails and similar.

Once you make all the changes, click the top right ‘Save’ button to update the changes.

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