How Can We Help?

EmbedAlbum has options that can help you to change the layout of your album. The layout options available in the platform are the following:

  • Grid
  • Masonry
  • Row Grid
  • Slideshow
  • ThreeColumn

If you need additional layout options or design of your Facebook album, feel free to contact us and request a new layout, that our team will be willing to build and make it available asap.

Now, if you want to access these options you need to log in to your EmbedAlbum account and follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your ‘Facebook albums
  • Find the album that you want to edit (If you have more albums search the album in the search bar)
  • Click on the album name or click ‘Edit’ next to the album name
  • In the album, edit view go to the left options bar and in the Layout & Design section find the option ‘Layout’ and choose the prefered layout from the list.
  • Click ‘Save

The changes will reflect on your website. If you don’t see the changes immediately you need to clear the cache in your browser.

Happy embedding!

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