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The EmbedReviews embeddable codes work for any CMS that allows you to add a simple java script code.

This walkthrough showcases how to create a Shopify Testimonials Page and embed the EmbedReviews code in the page. Here are the steps:

  1. In your Shopify dashboard, navigate to the left menu and click Online Stores > Pages
    Embed reviews in Shopify step1
  2. Click ‘Add new Page’
    Embed reviews in Shopify step2
  3. Write the title of the page and click on ‘Show Html’
    Embed reviews in Shopify step3
  4. Paste the embeddable code from your EmbedReviews widget (we assume you already generated your Facebook reviews)
    Embed reviews in Shopify step4
  5. Click ‘Save

That’s it!

Here is a demo how our Testimonial page looks on a Shopify web page:

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