video tutorial to embed google reviews

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The EmbedReviews platform is integrated with the Google Locations API and it allows users to generate and embed Google reviews widget from their Google Location by connecting with their Google My Business account.

To start using this feature, first you need to log into your EmbedReviews account and follow the steps below:

  1. Click ‘Sources‘ from the main left menu
  2. Click ‘Add Source’
  3. Choose Google Location
  4. Click ‘Sign in with Google’ and give the permissions to connect to your Google My Business account
  5. Once your locations are displayed, choose the location for your reviews feed and click  ‘Add source’
  6. The reviews from this location will be immediately generated and you will just need to copy the code located at the top right bar
  7. Paste this code in the body section of your website

That’s it. Your Google reviews will be displayed on your website in seconds.

Watch the video with detailed instructions:

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