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Use EmbedFeed to generate and display an entire feed of your Instagram activity.

The Feed includes the photos, captions, number of likes and comments on your Instagram posts.

To embed an Instagram feed, first, log into your EmbedFeed account and follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to ‘Sources’ and click ‘Add new source’ facebook mentions step 1
  2. Choose Instagram, click ‘Next’ and allow the required permissions
    Embed Instagram account feed
  3. Choose ‘Instagram @Account’, select your Instagram account and click ‘Create’
    embed instagram account feed step 2
  4. The system will fetch your Instagram posts and in the final step just click ‘Create feed’ to view your entire Instagram feed
    import facebook mentions step3
  5. To embed on your website, just Copy the provided code (from the area as shown below) and Paste it in your website body section.
    embeddable code facebook mentions

Once you embed the code the feed will immediately display on your website.

Feel free to chat with us if you need more help.

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