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The EmbedStories platform provides a unique feature that can help you to organize the generated stories in groups similar to your Instagram Highlights and provide you a code to embed these Highlights on your website.

Please note that the platform can not generate the actual Highlights from Instagram, due to the current limitation in the Instagram API. This option actually provides you with a similar option to organize the already generated stories by EmbedSocial in groups that are similar to the Instagram Highlights feature.

Before you start, first you will need to log in to your EmbedStories account and if you still do not have an account, click here to sign up for a free trial.

Watch the video tutorial below or continue to read the step by step guide:

Once you are logged in, you will find a new menu item – Highlights that is located in the left hand menu bar.

To make it easier for you, we’ve divided this tutorial in two phases:

  1. First phase – create Highlights where you will select and organize the stories you want to showcase on your website and,
  2. Second phase – Create a Highlights Gallery that will provide the embeddable code that you will need to paste on your website.

Below is the detailed brake-down of these phases:

1. Create a Highlight

  1. Go to ‘Highlights’ and click ‘Create New’

    Embed Instagram highlights step 1
  2. Choose the stories that you want to appear in the Highlight
  3. Write a name, upload a cover photo of the Highlight and click ‘Save’ (as shown below)

  4. Embed highlight on website step 2

Note: You should repeat this step and create all the Highlights that you want to appear on your website. Once your Highlights are ready, you can go ahead with the next step and create a Gallery, where you will be able to customize the layout and get the embeddable code for your website.

2. Create a Highlights Gallery

Once you organize the stories in the Highlights and you have them ready to appear on your website, you will need to do the following:

  1. Click on the ‘Highlights’ menu
  2. Check the boxes in front of the Highlights you want to appear on your website
  3. Click ‘Create Gallery’

Check the screenshot below, that visually explains these steps:

Create highlights gallery

Once you create the gallery, in the edit screen you will see the embeddable code that is located in the top right Settings panel (as shown below).

Just copy the code and paste it in your website’s body section, where you want the highlights to appear.

embeddable code for Instagram highlights

Highlights Demo

Once you paste the code in your website’s body section, the Highlights will appear like this:

That’s it. Hope this tutorial helps you increase the reach of your Instagram stories on your website.

For any additional questions, feel free to chat with us and let us know if you need any help.


As stated at the beginning of this tutorial due to the limitations the system cannot capture the archived stories, only the stories that are generated from the moment you’ve started using EmbedStories.

So, please note that that you can use the Upload story option to upload all previous stories in EmbedStories.

To do this, go to All stories, and click the top right button ‘Upload story’.

upload custom video story slide

You can upload both, photo and video stories.

So go ahead, download your stories from the Highlights on your phone and then upload them in the EmbedStories system.

By doing this you will be able to have both highlights on Instagram and on the website.

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