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The EmbedReviews platform provides a solution to create, embed and automatically update an entire testimonials page.

Testimonials Page Features

The structure of the EmbedRevews testimonials page includes the following:

  • List of reviews
  • Average rating badge
  • Filters by rating from 1-5
  • Search bar
  • ‘Leave a review’ button

All these options will give an entire perspective of your testimonials and give your future reviewers an option to submit a review in seconds.

Click below to check the demo and browse around the Testimonials Page features.

Testimonials Page Demo >>

If you want to activate and set up your own Testimonials Page, follow the steps below.

Setup Testimonials Page

To set up your new Testimonials page you will only need to change one setting.

First, log in to your EmbedReviews account and go to ‘Reviews Feed’ than edit an existing feed or click to Create New. Once you are in the edit view of your feed, just follow the steps below:

  1. In the right-hand Settings bar, just change the Layout to ‘Testimonials Page
  2. Click ‘Save’

That’s it.

Now you can just copy the top-right code and embed it in your website body section. Or just create an entirely new Testimonials menu on your website and paste the code in the webpage body section.

Moderation of the testimonials page

If you want to exclude some of the reviews, just navigate to the Moderate tab and un-check the reviews that you don’t want to be displayed in your feed. Click here for the full moderation tutorial >>

Add more reviews to the testimonials page

To include more reviews from other sources in your feed, navigate to the Sources Tab and from the list select the sources that you’ve connected in the platform. If you need to connect more sources, go to the main left menu ‘Sources’ and choose to add more Facebook Pages, Google Locations, Yelp Listings, or manually add custom sources.

Using a web builder or a CMS?

Please note that the code works with all web builders and if you are a WordPress user. To get instructions for specific web builders, just go to our Integrations Knowledge Base or just chat with us.

You can get our official WordPress plugin to embed shortcodes in your pages or posts.

Very excited to see how your new Testimonials Pages will come to life.

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