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Instagram hashtag limitations

Due to the changes in the Instagram Hashtag Search API, the EmbedSocial platform has updated the integration with Instagram that effects the hashtag functionality with the following limits:

  • Get media objects published within 24 hours of query execution
  • Usernames of the people who posted the photos are not provided

This means that the EmbedSocial Instagram hashtag feeds will return only the posts published with a specific hashtag in the period of the last 24 hours and it will not display the usernames of the people who posted the Instagram post with the specified hashtag.

To read the official Instagram documents click here.

Twitter hashtag limitations

There is also a limitation in the Twitter hashtag API, that limits the search of hashtag posts for a period of the last 7 days. EmbedSocial complies with this API and this means that the Twitter hashtag feeds you aggregate with EmbedSocial will include only the posts published with a specific hashtag in the last 7 days.

Limits for popular Instagram hashtags

Please note that due to the limits of the Instagram API the popular hashtags with millions of posts may not return matches if are used in an AND function.

This means if you try to create a multiple hashtag feed where you add two different hashtags but one of the hashtags is very popular, the EmbedSocial feed may not return matches of posts that contain both hashtags. If you want to remove these limits, please request an Enterprise Plan and our team will contact you for a custom pricing and functionality offer.

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