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After you create an account for EmbedReviews, you will have access to the admin panel of the system and will be able to add your Facebook pages as reviews sources.

To start using EmbedReviews, first, log into your account and follow these steps to set up.

When you log in, a popup will appear asking you to choose which source you want to use. For Facebook reviews, choose Facebook Pages, so the steps in details are the following:

  1. Click “Add Source” next to Facebook Pages
  1. In the Facebook Pages list click “Add” next to the page you want to use
  1. The system will immediately get the reviews from this page and you will be navigated in the reviews feed edit page (shown below)
  2. To display them on your website, just copy and paste the top-right code into your website body section.

That’s it.

Check out some of the Facebook reviews demos to see how the Facebook reviews will appear and browse through the different layouts that you can apply to the reviews widget.

If you want to add more reviews from other Facebook Pages you manage, just follow these steps:

  1. Click ‘Sources‘ from the main left menu
  2. Click ‘Add Source’
  3. From the list of Facebook pages click the ‘Add’ button and the system will generate the reviews from the selected Facebook Page.

For any additional questions for setting up your EmbedReviews account, feel free to contact us.

Or check out the video below to see an actual walkthrough on how to generate your first Facebook recommendations widget:

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