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If you’ve used the Map to provide the location of your business in order to allow the EmbedReviews system to generate your Google reviews, then please continue reading the text below for more instructions.

Please note that we provide the map feature for users who do not manage or know their Google My Business Account.

And because your Google My Business is not connected with our platform, sometimes it will not fetch all your Google reviews.

That is why we suggest the option to ‘Sign In with Google’ and allow our platform to connect via the official Google API.

Our platform is whitelisted by Google and it allows us to have full sync with your Google My Business reviews. The integration is secure and our app is approved and according to the Google guidelines.

To Sign In with Google and connect your Google My Business account, just follow these instructions:

  1. Click ‘Sources’ in the left menu bar
  2. Click the top green button ‘Add Source’
  3. Select ‘Google Location’ and click ‘Add Source’
    add google source
  4. Click ‘Sign in with Google’ and follow the steps to provide the required permissions.
    Sign in with Google

Once you connect with your Google My Business account our system will fetch all your reviews immediately that you can check in the All Reviews sections.

If you need more information, feel free to chat with us for more information.

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