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If you want to create a shop with your Instagram and Facebook albums using our EmbedAlbum product, we are giving you an option to add direct WhatsApp links to your social media photos embedded on your website. This will allow your web visitors to click, ask for information or order the product in the album photos directly via WhatsApp.

So, to make sure a customer sends you the link to the product wanting to purchase, directly in WhatsApp, you will need to follow these instructions:

whatsapp link setup

1. Open your Instagram or Facebook album
2. Go to the ‘Call to action’ tab
3. Choose the link label, for example, ‘Buy’
4. Submit the following code in the ‘Link’ input field and click ‘Save’:

https://wa.me/123456789?text=I am interested in this product [photo_link]

Here is the structure of this code:

  • Replace 123456789 with your phone number connected to WhatsApp
  • I am interested in this product = replace this sentence as you wish, it is the pre-populated text that will display in the chat field in WhatsApp (like on the screenshot below)
  • [photo_link] – leave this as it is, it is the shorcode of the actuall link of the photo on Instagram or Facebook that the user clicked on the embedded album.

Once a user clicks the link, he/she will be redirected to the WhatsApp’s chat of the number in the link and will show this message:

whatsapp order message

Here is a live example:

This is a pre-generated Facebook album embedded on our website with the EmbedAlbum product.

Just click on the buy button and see what will happen. If you are on mobile the link will redirect to a merchants WhatsApp chat.


Hope this helps you to make a better shopping experience for your website visitors. And our goal is to make sure you get the most out of your social media content, save time in managing and displaying social media galleries on your website.

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