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In this tutorial, we will show you how to display an aggregated badge with an average rating from your reviews on Facebook, Google or any other source that is connected with the EmbedReviews platform.

First, go ahead log in to your EmbedReveiws account

  • Navigate to the Badges menu
  • In the top tab, choose a specific source – for example, Your Facebook Page
  • Choose the badge you like and copy the code below that badge
  • Paste the badge code in the location of your website code where you want to appear

reviews badges

Customize Badge Size

To change the badge size and fit in your website layout, you can add the width and height parameters in the image HTML code.

To do this, just check the sample code below:

The badge on the right has an additional parametar in the code: height=”80px”. So the if you want to change the size just add the height or width parametar as show below:

reviews badge size

If you need more help, feel free to chat with us.

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