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Before you start creating Zaps, you need to have a Zapier account and EmbedSocial account for the EmbedReviews product.

Once you’re logged in to your Zapier and EmbedReviews account, just follow these steps to set up your first Zap.

Please note that at the moment you can do the following:

  • Trigger – Send customer reviews information to other apps, such as CRMs or ticketing apps
  • Action – Save reviews or customer testimonials from other sources, such as forms created with Typeform or Google Forms.

Setting up EmbedSocial as Trigger

1. The first step is to select EmbedSocial as the trigger app.

choose embedsocial as trigger in zapier

2. Next, select the trigger provided as an option by the EmbedSocial integration with Zapier.

select embedsocial zapier trigger

Currently, the provided trigger by EmbedSocial is:

‘New Review’ – Triggers every time you receive a review collected within your EmbedSocial account.

select embedsocial trigger

Once choosing this trigger just click ‘Continue’.

3. In the next steps, you are required to connect your EmbedSocial account with Zapier. A pop-up will appear where you will need to submit your Zapier API key as show below:

embedsocial api key for zapier

To find the API key, just go to Integrations in your EmbedSocial admin account and copy the provided API key. (you can find the API code in the bottom part of the page, as shown below.)

embedsocial api key

4. Next step is to test and see if your EmbedSocial account returns sample reviews to Zapier. If the test is finished with no errors then you are ready to continue to the next step and setting the action.

Please note that you can set action with any app you want. But the most usual use case will be a CRM, spreadsheet or any other software where you store or collect customer data. This means that with EmbedSocial you will be able to fill in the reviews/testimonials information from your customers in the apps where you have all other information about them.

Setting up EmbedSocial as an Action

In case when you want to collect reviews or customer testimonials via other apps, you can use EmbedSocial to store this information and centralize all customer testimonials in one app.

This can be done, when creating a Zap via Zapier that EmbedSocial acts as the Action portion of the process.

So, to set up EmbedSocial as an action, just follow these steps:

  1. Choose EmbedSocial from the Action apps search filed
  2. Choose the action provided by EmbedSocial. Currently, this is the action that is available:

Create Review: Create a review in an EmbedSocial Custom source.

EmbedSocial zapier action

3. Choose the EmbedSocial account if you already connected it with Zapier (if not please check the step 3 in the above text on how to connect your EmbedSocial API key with Zapier.)

4. In this step, you will need to create the template. The action that EmbedSocial provides has few fields that need to be filled in by the trigger app in order for the zap to properly function.

The required fields are: ‘Custom Review Source’, ‘Reviewer Name’ and ‘Rating’.

So in order to make sure these fields are properly filled in, just click on the drop-down next to it to fill them in with the data provided by the trigger app. For example here is how to set up the Reviewer Name when having this information in a Google spreadsheet.

zapier template embedsocial

5. Once you set up the template, in the next step check the sample data that will be sent to your EmbedSocial account and click ‘Send test to EmbedSocial’.

sample mebdsocial zapier data

If the live test sends the sample data to your EmbedSocial in the next 15 minutes, then your Zap is working properly and you are ready to make it live, just set it On in the last step:

zapier confirmation

This is a quick and simple tutorial of what you can do with the EmbedSocial + Zapier integration.


If you have any Zap idea or if you need help to set up your EmbedSocial zaps, feel free to chat with us.

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