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Yes, it’s a mobile world and you need to establish your presence ASAP. We’ve listened to our customers’ needs and we are proposing a solution that will mostly help commerce companies to establish a dynamic catalogue with discounts through affordable native mobile apps. Browse below to find out what our  Discounts mobile app can offer you, and feel free to contact us for additional information.

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Custom branding

Give us your logo and your primer brand color, and we will make sure you get a custom branding for your new native Android and iOS  Discounts mobile app.

App store publishing

Our team setups all required details for Google Play and the Apple store.

Admin console

You will get an admin console from where you can easily post your latest offer, add pricing, image and details about the products you offer.

Monthly payment

We are giving an affordable payment option, so everyone can afford to invest in a mobile presence. Get the apps now and pay monthly for one year contract.

3 types of push notifications

The built-in notifications system offers: location reminders, reminder for a new offer and a reminder when an offer is about to expire.

Advanced: Facebook integration with order form

The users can login with their Facebook profiles and order products through a custom order form, that will send the details directly to your contact email.

3 types of notifications

The discounts mobile app aims to help commerce clients to get a native mobile presence that will have a functionality for increasing retention and increased open rates of the apps by the users, both, Android or iOS.

Related to this, the discounts mobile app has a built-in system for 3 types of notifications, that utilazes the purpose of the discounts concept – to provide the best offers and allow users to never miss a great deal.

Notification for informing users when a new offer is published

Notification to inform users that their favourite offer is about to expire

Notification based on geo location that activates at 50-100 meters radius from the retail locations

Discounts mobile app with mobile push notifications

Facebook integration

Advance options are available in the discounts mobile app, allowing users to connect with their Facebook accounts in order to create profiles and save deals.

The saved or favourited products are used by the app system as a flag that the user is interested in buying favourited product and push notifications are send 24 hours before the expire of the saved deal.

The Log In with Facebook functionality is furthermore integrated with the order form with the main goal to simplify the order data entry and automatically fill in basic user data from their Facebook profile and allow them to quickly send the order to the company.

Discounts mobile app with Facebook login

Deals Newsfeed

Each offer entry is displayed in a timeline format allowing users to easily browse and select the most appealing offer.

The users can click a small heart icon in order to save offers as favourites, that will be displayed in their profile.

The offer display in the newsfeed consists of product image, discount tag, old and new price with a counter counting the time left of the offer availability.

Save favourite items
Expiration counter

Discounts mobile app list of offers

Advanced: Order form

The discounts mobile app has a built-in order form, allowing users to quickly place an order for a specific item.

If a user is logged in with his Facebook account this order form will be pre-filled with the allowed data from Facebook, making the ordering quick and easy.

The data submitted by the users is redirected via email to the company’s sales team and also displayed in the “Orders” admin section, that is used for latter order confirmation and communication with the users that have placed the orders.

Please note: If  you have an online store and you’re willing to make a full integration with an online payment, please contact our team for further development details.

Order products with Discounts mobile app

Check the Discounts App in action

Click through the app screens to view its functionalities

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