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Embed Instagram Stories in Squarespace

Save Instagram stories automatically and display them on your Squarespace website with one line of code.
Instagram stories in Squarespace
Story widget for Squarespace


EmbedStories is a first platform in the world that enables the functionality to generate Instagram stories and store them in a web-based app. The best thing about the platform is its ability to provide just one line of code that will display these stories automatically on your Squarespace website.

And it does tons of other things, such as:

  • A diverse set of layouts and widgets
  • Option to apply a Custom CSS code and make the layouts as you wish
  • Option to create a Highlights-like widget, that will mimic the Highlights functionality
  • Instagram Story Ads functionality
  • Advance Analytics – available for enterprise customers

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How to use it in Squarespace

There is no installation required to use the EmbedReviews in Squarespace.

To get started and display stories on your Squarespace website, you will first need to set up your EmbedStories account

Once you generate the stories in EmbedStories, the system will provide you a code that you will only need to embed in your Squarespace page. To do this, just follow these steps: 

  1. Login to Squarespace
  2. Open the Squarespace page where you wish to embed the stories
  3. Point to the section where you want to add the album and click on the plus + icon to add new content block
  4. In the pop-up choose ‘Embed’or ‘Code’ block
  5. In the input area paste the provided code
  6. Save your Squarespace page

If you need more help how to get started with EmbedStories for Squarespace, just follow this tutorial

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