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Your online academy needs a constant feedback loop

The need for online academies and informal knowledge sources is rising, especially in the face of Covid-19. But even before there was a pandemic to worry about, most people relied on e-learning because it provides high-quality, specialized studies that students can take from any location. According to Technovio’s study (2018), it seems like the online learning market will grow by $147 billion between 2021 – 2025 as online academies become more popular amongst those who seek quality and interactive learning experiences at their convenience.

In that direction, the online environment and “Zoom" online classes have become a popular and integral part of professional growth and achieving success in so many careers these days.

This is precisely why we joined forces with Creative Hub: An academy dedicated to developing skills among modern professionals across multiple fields!

The idea behind the partnership is to provide a professional survey to all online academies that are looking for ways to improve their course design and online teaching based on student feedback.

Different type of feedback is needed to advance different areas; therefore this survey includes questions that touch upon multiple factors that influence the overall effectiveness of online courses and maximization of student’s work.

The online academy feedback form can be used by academies who want constructive feedback on how satisfied the online students are with the course content, course materials, educators, and exercises. The specific feedback you will gather can also help you generate new ideas for future improvement of the online learning process, which is important if you’re looking for both student satisfaction and successful learning outcomes. Furthermore, this survey can be used as a baseline for creating other surveys for providing feedback which is also important in the LMS (learning management system).

Now you can collect real-time student comments and effective feedback that can help you increase the quality and reliability of your learning environment and online classroom.

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