Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Learn how satisfied are your customers.

Collect customer opinions, fast and easy

Well-constructed customer satisfaction surveys and questionnaires are tools that can help you understand how much of a positive experience you provide to your customers.

Our customer satisfaction survey template can help you understand your customers’ level of satisfaction regarding a particular product/service or learn about the customers’ overall satisfaction with your company.

The customer satisfaction survey includes closed-ended and open-ended questions that can help you gain insight from every step of your customer’s journey. The customer satisfaction survey questions are straightforward and don’t take much time, which in many cases is shown to be a precondition for a higher response rate.

Additionally, our online survey is customizable, so users can add multiple-choice questions, rating scale questions, drop-down menus, pretty much any types of questions you can think of.

Next, you can continue customizing the form by adding your logo and choosing a professionally designed template or use some of the other features like email notification, thank you message or redirect after submitting.

Use the customer feedback to understand your customer base better, improve customer experience, reduce customer churn, attract new customers, and create loyal customers.

Send your feedback survey today via email or social media, and dive deep into understanding your customers’ needs and overall experience with your business.

Satisfied customers are the driving force of a successful business, so find out how to increase their retention by asking the right questions.

Practical Use Cases

Similar to the NPS survey, customer satisfaction surveys are applicable in almost all industries.

For illustration, if you are a SaaS business and need to understand customer demographics, their pricing needs, or feature requirements, a survey in some of the onboarding steps is a simple but powerful way ahead of increased customer retention.

To extend the usability of the customer satisfaction score, you might connect the surveys with a CRM or your customer support software and assign these metrics to specific users.

Getting Started

Steps to create an employee feedback form:

  1. Create an account for EmbedForms
  2. Choose the ‘Website feedback form’ template
  3. Edit form fields if needed
  4. Publish the form
  5. Copy and share the form link on social media

Need help?

Frequently asked questions

Check the FAQ about our feedback forms below and for specific questions ask our team with a click on the chat icon in the right-hand corner.

There is no limitation on the number of feedback forms you can make.  The system supports an option to create multiple forms that all have their own unique URL.
Yes. You can use the photo uploader option and include it in the form so people can upload photos when they will in the form.
Yes, you have different design and layout themes in the Settings that you can use to change the look of your forms.
Yes! The system checks for new responses and you can set up a recipient email where the notification will be sent.
At the moment the form templates include a specific theme + a list of questions that are suitable for the use case and type of data you want to collect. You can choose from:

– Net promoter score
– Company testimonial form
– Restaurant feedback form
– Event feedback form
– Hotel feedback form
– Course evaluation form
– Software evaluation form
– Fashion product review form
Yes. You can export the responses in .csv format and upload them to Google sheets or a similar spreadsheet tool for further analysis.

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